Fancy Pants

Once upon a time I had some brown wide-leg pants from Anthropologie with mismatched buttons on the back pockets.  One was light blue with a white stripe around the edge.  I loved that detail and, by extension, those pants.  And absolutely wore them out (as happens all too quickly with clothes from Anthropologie).

Those pants were probably at the back of my mind when I bought these wide-leg jeans at a thrift store.  They happened to be missing a button.


A couple buttons later (I bought big ones to make my butt look smaller). . . Image



(I also did a quick overdye with this).  Overall I’m pretty happy with how they came out.  Although I admit I was hoping for a little more from the oversize buttons.  Sigh.


Good thing I also bought this.  : )


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

*       Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA
*       Over $5 billion in assets
*       Annual Foundation budget of ~$250 million
*       ~80 employees
*       Three program areas
*       Environmental Conservation
*       Science
*       Patient Care
*       A San Francisco Bay Area Portfolio that focuses on these same issues locally


We’re here.  In Reston, VA.  In our 1980’s condo near Lake Audubon.  There are lots of trails around.  I love the trees and the squirrels and birds and fungi.  I love that we sometimes go on family bike rides before dinner.  I love some things about our house like the sunroom off the kitchen (especially in the rain).  I love my job and my colleagues too.  Orientation was thrilling.  I felt grateful everyday to be here.  Starting in my office at USGS on the other hand was at first slow and disorienting.  Overall, there have been some crazy highs wherein I’m intoxicated by it all and also some deep lows.

Tonight is a low.  Henry didn’t want me to put him to bed.  Didn’t want me to read to him, to help him at dinner or to hug him.  Wiz was tired and fell asleep with him although we had a plan to hang out after Gooby was asleep.  Instead I spent a long time cleaning.  Wanting the place to feel homey.  But it doesn’t.  I feel lonely and ineffective.  All day I worried about Goobie’s school.  He had a bad week there.  Didn’t sleep well last night because he seemed anxious about going.  He said he hit Max today.  I don’t want him to have bad associations with “school”.  I don’t like the “juice” that they serve which looked a lot like kool aid to me.  I want to be this phenomenal person with a productive routine that includes healthy homemade meals and exercise plus quality time laughing and exploring with my boy and my husband, romance, reading, self-care, breathing, prayer, eco-friendly habits, correspondance, maintaining a blog and other creative endeavors.  I want to have a cozy, quirky, organized home.  I want to take fantastic local trips on the weekends with my family.  I want to spend time with the new friends we’ve made out here, hosting diner parties and waffle brunches and pumpkin carving and apple picking.  I want to pull off something amazing at work that will help protect ecosystems forever.  I hate feeling like there are opportunities everywhere.  All the ingredients.  And yet so much time wasted.  Drawn out FB breaks that leave me sick.  Hurried mornings.  Forgetting to pack a lunch.  Food going bad at home while I’m buying cafeteria meals.  A month going by without this house feeling like a home.  My husband working hard and languishing unsupported.  My boy stressed out about school.

We met another couple here.  They have a small sweet house from the 20s decked out with thrift store finds, books, art, lamps, rugs, cozy slip-covered chairs.  A four-year-old, a two-year-old and another on the way.  She’s younger than me I’m sure.  Probably by at least 5 years.  Even as I’m thrilled to be here as a fellow, I also envy her and question my own decisions.  Wouldn’t it be better in the long run to let your husband have the cool career so that you could have lots of kids and cook and keep and make a cozy home?  Oh sigh.  I want to tell my former self:  “Don’t think for a minute that this won’t be hard.  And don’t think that it will be hard in any way that is familiar or expected.  Don’t think that you will know how you feel, what you want, what the important things are.  Even if it’s never crossed your mind for a minute that those things could be ambiguous.”

Funny to read entries from the spring when this was all hypothetical and I was looking forward to a summer with the boy.  I’m sad that that summer with the boy is gone forever.  I’m sad that orientation is over too.  And I’m grateful for both.

Minimal gardening

A bee stung my finger today.  It was hiding in a clump of weeds and grass that I tried to pull out of the front yard during a bout of half-ass impromptu gardening.  We went to another doctor today.  She confirmed that Goobs has just a cold and wrote us a prescription for something to numb his ears on the plane.  I made 20 copies of my resume, picked up my suit, bought some white tank tops and packets of baby food.  I guess we’re going.  And the government’s not shut down.  Rats!  Tomorrow: hair and nails.  I should have been wearing gloves today.


I just tried to book my travel for my placement interview trip and couldn’t log in.  Now I am irrationally terrified that I waited too long and will not be granted a spot for next year.  They DID say to book immediately.  And it HAS been almost two weeks.  Eeek!  If I do still get to go I will definitely need a haircut prior.


This stuff is the best.

Final grading

Here’s my view from the dining room to the living room.  I’m loving the thrifted throw.

Yes, my darlings, it most certainly is time to be grading finals.  Goobs is napping upstairs.  I have the pile of them next to me and a pot of green tea.  But I just can’t seem to motivate.  It’s a big day- Goober’s last in daycare.  My brother finds out where he will do his residency and the Wiz has his annual review wherein he will discuss the details of his promotion with the boss.  It’s also St. Patrick’s Day.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Tune in tomorrow for exciting updates.  In the meantime wish me luck with the grading.