So, were things to have gone as planned, we would be in Whistler right now.  Last night we would have been viewing the supermoon from a snowy mountainside in a foreign country- maybe even from the window of our luxury suite at the Westin.  Unfortunately we forgot about that foreign country part and neglected to pack Goob’s birth certificate.  Doh.  The Canooks turned us right around at the border.  There was subsequently much waiting in line and degradation as well as befriending by the nicest woman ever who offered us a weekend in her friend’s condo.  We spent a night in Bellingham instead, came home this afternoon, did some cleaning, mowing the lawn etc.  Highlights include: mac and cheese + free beer at the brewery, a lemon poppyseed turnover for breakfast, running around with Goobs at the park, a drive-by of the farmhouse that I lusted over all last winter.  (I can officially put that crush to rest now.  Although someday I do still want barn with an office on the top and a 1950’s auto shop to convert into a studio.)

It was a really nice weekend all told.  Just not the weekend we’d been anticipating.

P.S.  WordPress is not letting me upload images just now.



There it is.  The AAAS building.

The building wherein I finished my interview less than an hour ago.

Overall it went pretty well I think.  It was relaxed.  People laughed.  I was drugged, of course.  I mostly read my five minute presentation at the beginning, talking too quietly as always, but trying to make eye contact with everyone.  I think boring them to distraction may have ultimately worked to my advantage though, because none of the questions afterwards was very probing.  After that I got to talk about motorcycles and owl poop and Ecuador and that part was fun anyway.

On the way out I ran into Sasha!  Crazy crazy.

This is me before the interview, looking like a dour and nearsighted schoolmarm from the 1800s.  I probably should have bought myself a stylish suit, but I did not.  This outfit is entirely stuff I had:

sheer pale pink J.Crew blouse from Goodwill ($10)

long skirt from the J. Crew outlet store about 10 years ago ($12)

boots from Nordstrom were a graduation gift from my mom over 6 years ago (about $250)

belt from T.J. Maxx ($15)

handmade earrings from La Paloma were a Christmas present

I did buy the coat which was about $50 from Macy’s online.  I have to say though, it didn’t look quite right with the skirt.  Oh well.  I’m a scientist, people.  I can get away this stuff.

Now I have the insane luxury of an afternoon and evening all to myself in a new city.  Oh the possibilities!  Of course I’m here the extra night to go to the National Forum for the new Forest Service Planning Rule.  So I’ll probably go to that.  But I could just go to a museum instead.  Or find a place to read or knit.  Or go work out in the hotel gym.  Gentle readers, you’re going to have to excuse me now.  This is too crazy of an opportunity not to be taken to its full advantage.

Made it

Cesar salad alone with my book in the dark dining room.  I love my room on the top floor with its two double beds.  I’m wearing the complimentary bathrobe right now and settling down to prep for my interview tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

My new coat.

DC bound

I’m off to DC.  It is surprisingly heart-breaking to leave my little Goobie behind for two whole nights.  I’m feeling pretty organized but I do wish I’d brought that orange in the fridge.  And the scarf my mom gave me.  And a fancier pen.  I stayed up until almost 2 last night cleaning out the fridge, dispensing with the giant mail pile, watering the plants, making oatmeal and salmon for while I’m gone, writing out food instructions, etc.  Then up again at 5:30.  Bleh.

An interview!



Today while Goobie napped I folded laundry and felt bummed that here we are half way through February and I still haven’t heard about the AAAS Policy Fellowship.  Then surprise, surprise what’s in my inbox?  A request to interview!  Yahoooo!  They’re flying me out to DC for a 30 min interview on March 10th.  I immediately got excited about making it into a family vacation.  The Whiz has never been to DC.  I think it would be awesome to be a tourist with him and Goobs in the capital.  Plus a little google wizardry revealed that Assateague National Seashore is only a 4 hour drive away.  A while back I wrote a report on the state of the natural and cultural resources of Assateague for National Parks Conservation Association.  So I know all about it’s ecotypes and endangered species and museum collections and historic structures.  (Shipwrecked Spanish galleon!)  I would LOVE to visit.  Plus I think Whiz would have a blast taking photos of the wild horses.  And the fellowship?  That’s exciting too.  We’ll see how it all shakes out.  All I know for sure right now is that I’m going to DC!!!

Improvement: more progress on clearing blackberry.  Note the fence.