The Shenandoah

Today was a perfect fall day of a kind I would like to have 10,000 more of.  Goobs and I went to Riverside Park near Great Falls National Park and played all morning in the woods and the visitor center.  Later he took a three hour nap.  Three hours!  Unfortunately the Wiz was out of commission- at home sleeping all morning to get over a bug.  We came home early from the Shenandoah yesterday because he was feverish.  Poor guy.  So much for our camping trip.  We did enjoy a fall festival in Front Royal though.  I’m still a little depressed.  Not sure why.  Lonely and homesick I guess.


My perfect habitat.

What are the chances that the people that live here are lame?  Seriously, it’s not possible.


First thing this morning we got in the car and headed north to meet a new friend for a walk.  She lives about an hour from here outside Monroe, WA on an amazing 20 acre parcel in the middle of Forest Service land with her husband and 9 month baby daughter, Heron, plus their two dogs and five horses.  This is their house.

Just a sweet wood cabin in the woods.  It’s the only homestead grandfathered in on the Everett watershed.  It’s also on a gated Forest Service road so most of the time they have the forest to themselves.  They’re both vets and have a practice plus run a non-profit horse rescue.  In other words, they’re living my childhood fantasy.  Amazing!

My friend, Hannah, took us to some great chanterelle gathering spots near their house.  As I was clambering around on a mossy slope amidst the ferns and the conifers with Henry in the Ergo it occurred to me that things really could not have been improved upon.  It was awesome.  And look what we brought home:

I confess, I didn’t find all those.  Hannah took pity and shared some of her massive booty.  Dry sauteed with a little garlic, plus sea salt and black pepper served on a bed buttered noodles.  Glass of zin.  Ooooooo Baby.  HEAVEN.  The perfect end to a perfect day.