Organic cotton and recycled polyester

I kept stewing about that parking ticket I got on Monday until finally, to make myself feel better, I decided I would “earn” the money back by returning a cardigan that I wasn’t crazy about anyway.  I’d gotten it for teaching, so it seemed like returning it would mean enough less spent on teaching to make up for the stupid ticket.  While I was at it though I realized I wasn’t crazy about the other cardigan I’d gotten at the same time either.  So I returned them both for $78.  While there I found two great natural colored long-sleeved tees for $10 each.  I was specifically looking for long sleeved tees exactly like this because they are a staple of my wardrobe.  My last was finally recycled a year ago after six hard seasons of heavy use.  It made my day that these are organic/ recycled.  I also got two pairs of bamboo sweater tights: one grey, one brown.  Plus a skinny red belt for $10.  So I only came out $32 or so ahead when all was said and done, not quite covering the $39 ticket.  Oh well.   I’m happy because the new additions make exciting outfits out of other, mostly-thrifted stuff that I wasn’t wearing so the effect is somewhat synergistic if you will (I wouldn’t).  It’s like I have many new outfits instead of two not very versatile cardigans that I didn’t love.  What was I thinking?  Cardigans should only ever be purchased used.



Happy New Year!!!

As always, I have a slew of resolutions.  Drink 5 12 oz glasses of water a day. Get a will. A budget. A better bank. Evict the mouse from our wall.  Send birthday cards to everyone I love- preferably handmade and on time.  Replace that heinous kitchen counter pictured above.  Also post an improvement a day.  Improvement or accomplishment.  I can’t decide which is a better word.  Both are crappy.  Anyway, here we go: Day One.

I bought some LED Christmas lights half off at Big Lots to replace the inefficient ones that we’ve used for years.  There you go.  An improvement.

Rug Giveaway

Gosh, there’s another one today.  Not only gorgeous but hand-woven, all natural and otherwise sustainable.  Sigh.  As Whiz says, nothing makes me happier than possibilities.

Random and sundry

The Whiz got me some Tom’s.  I’m thrilled.

Today I organized the junk drawer.  Here’s a before which is actually a little cleaned up from it’s previous state:

Here’s the after.  SO much more user friendly.

One more item checked off my Home Cure list.

I also Craiglisted some ancient rusty cans of paint and a bunch of chipped and broken dishes that I was hoarding in the basement for a “future mosaic project”.  Amazing how many people will immediately jump all over that kind of crap.  Not that I’m judging.  I’m the one that was hoarding it.  But, man, it feels awesome to pare down.

Happy Friday you all.  Whiz and I have an evening of relaxation planned.  I cannot wait.

eco fashion

My Carleton alum mag came today with such an inspiring cover story about two best friends and recent grads who started up a socially conscious and ecologically responsible leather clothing line.  All their pieces are named after Carleton places and personalities.  I love this story on so many levels.

I know you’re all going to stop hanging out with me if I don’t start taking better photos so I’ll improve.  I promise.  Just give me until New Year’s.  Whiz and I decided to buy ourselves a nice new camera for Christmas this year rather than gift each other a bunch of random crap like we usually do.


I had lunch with Lou Gillette once a few years ago.  You know, Lou Gillette, of shrunken alligator penis fame.  I asked him if his work makes him paranoid.  He said “not really” but that he avoids non-stick cookware.  That impressed me.  So, a year ago I ordered a cast iron skillet.  Why did it take me so long?  I’m not sure.  Especially given the anemia.  But it’s probably related to a minor celebrity that the Whiz roomed with back in 1998 at Rainier.  Once I was cooking in their shared kitchen when he approached me to say “you know not to use soap on my cast iron skillet right?”  He said he just wanted to be sure because it sucked to have one ruined after getting it seasoned just right.  I acted like I totally knew that, but really I was deeply intimidated.  Who ever heard of cookware that couldn’t be washed?

A mere 12 years later I was recovered sufficiently to try one out.  Wow!  Hello perfect omlettes.  (It looks much better in real life than the photo conveys.)

And, finally, I’m ready to say goodbye to my non-stick.  I’ve only held on to it this long because it was a wedding gift and I’m sentimental.  Now that I have it out though, it’s sinking in how crummy this thing looks.  Good riddance.

So that’s that.  Thank you, Lou.

2011 Chinook Book

I got my new Chinook Book today.  What coupon did I use first?  G.O. baby!!!  Like you had to ask.  Took that sucker straight to Crown Hill.

Disclaimers: 1.  I may or may not love G.O. more than it is socially acceptable to admit.  2.  It’s possible I have made rules limiting the amount I bring G.O. up in company.  3.  And it is maybe true that I have broken those rules on more than one occasion.  4.  I also may or may not have updated my FB status with rhapsodic descriptions of a G.O. shopping experience.  I know.  You’re totally wishing that your friends were this interesting.

Just to take things one step further I will now itemize my Chinook Book savings in a list that I’ll update throughout the year.

Grocery Outlet $3

Grocery Outlet $3

Seattle Metro $2.50

Seattle Metro $2.50

PCC $1.99

Bob’s Red Mill $0.75

Seattle Metro $2

Good Earth Tea $1

Central Market $5

Organic Valley butter $1

Five pounds of free carrots at Central Market $5.98

Lunberg Farms rice cakes $1

TOTAL $29.72