My favorite gown.  Heavy and regal but loose.  Looks fun to wear.

The Whiz and I don’t watch too much TV.  Occasionally we watch something short and funny in bed on the laptop- The Office, Flight of the Concords, The Daily Show, etc.  But I loooooove the Oscars.  My friend Shallin was going to come over yesterday to watch and make fresh rolls, but then our family went down with the stomach bug, and it ended up being a disaster day (except the very end which I spent reading in bed).  Today I had to catch up by looking at project rungay.  Their commentary on Mick Jagger made me giggle.

I gave my last lecture today and reminded myself more than anything of Chris Farley.  And that’s even after beta blockers.  So lecturing is not my strong suit.  On to other things.  I’m glad to have the day at home with Goobie tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  He’s still a little sick and way too skinny.  It breaks my mama heart.


Boo Boo Bunny

We made boo boo bunnies during the evening meeting of the toddler co-op pre-school.  I was excited.  It’s been a while since I’ve been near a glue gun.  And, actually, the minute I was holding my finished bunny I felt a weird sort of relative superiority as a mother.  So I’ll count the boo boo bunny as an improvement.  Otherwise it wasn’t all that hot a day.  I seem to have the flu and had to cancel a playdate I’d been looking forward to.  I felt like a leper at the co-op meeting.  The Whiz suggested I stay home but I pretended I had to go because I’m the secretary.   In reality I just wanted to get out and talk to other adults for a little while.  Hope I didn’t infect anyone.

Chalkboard paint

Last time we were at Gretchen and Matt’s I admired the chalkboard that they installed in the living room to seal off the fireplace from their toddler, Sebastian.  Gretchen offered me the rest of their paint because they didn’t need it any more.  So I took it home and made kitchen chalkboards for Henry and me.

Here’s Henry’s complete with labeled cat drawing.  He’s a genius.  Sorry about the flash.  November in Seattle can force people to do crazy things.

I also have to add that the Whiz built that whole cabinet, counter, bookcase deal.  It’s a brilliant use of the space that used to sit pointlessly around an awkward corner.  When we baby-proofed the cabinet the doors stopped staying closed though.  I’m going to have to deal with that one of these days (and by “deal with it” I mean nag the Whiz).

Here’s mine.  I’m intending to use it to help plan stuff.  I can’t believe I’m saying that.  It’s only because I want to be exactly like Etheline Tenenbaum (except not divorced).

I also put some chalk board labels on a few repurposed jars.  The ones from the Trader Joes black bean dip are the perfect size for most of Goobie’s leftovers.


OK.  It’s been a month since I submitted my application for Director of Science at The Nature Conservancy so it was no surprise, but today’s rejection still hurt.  When I watched the woman who held the position previously give a talk at the zoo I saw the person I want to be in 10 years.  Her enthusiasm, intelligence, poise and her impact on conservation.  I rarely have that feeling about other people but it’s how I navigate life- casting little spider silks onto people who inspire me and slowly hauling myself toward their place in the world.  Now I feel like my little silks missed their target and sailed off into a void.  I don’t know whether I’ll ever get to where she is.

In other news, the Goobernator is on a breast-feeding strike.  I’ll spare you details, but it’s sad and confusing.

On a more positive note: The Whiz helped me get the boy to bed and then we watched The Office in our own bed whiled it rained outside.  Our bed is in a cozy little alcove that faces the Cascades.  It’s the best place in the world at the end of these short dark cold wet November days.

Earthquake preparedness

Oh the joys of adulthood.



The Woods

Whiz suggested we go mushrooming on Saturday.  Friday night we looked at road maps and topos and Google Earth, plotting our approach.  I pretend to be pretty outdoorsy but I have to confess:  I’ve only been mushrooming twice before.  Even Henry is as experienced as I am.  Plus we’ve only ever gone in spots where friends take us.  It’s a whole different can of worms to find your own spot.  But I was excited.  This was going to be a tradition, our place to come back year after year.  Soon we’d be introducing friends to our own spot.  So Saturday morning we filled a giant bag with lunch and snacks, dressed Gooby in his warmest, piled in the car and started heading south toward Rainier.

We made it as far as Ikea.

I know.  But.  1. It was pouring.  2. Gooby was SCREAMING.  and 3. Whiz was stressed about some impending work for his free-lance clients.  Sometimes it’s best to be adaptable.

And that’s one awesome thing about babies.  Their expectations for us are pretty low.  Goobiedoo ended up having a blast.  Much more fun that he would have strapped to our back in the rain in the woods.  Plus we ended up doing a little research for our upcoming basement remodel.  More on that tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!  We walked around Ballard amidst the hoards of trick-or-treaters, then headed to a dinner party with friends.  It was perfect.  But I have to admit I ache a little knowing that it was the only one I’ll get to spend holding the chubby hand of our sweet one-year-old.