Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ooops.  What a sad cake.

Poor Goobiedoozer was full blown sick today.  I had to miss office hours (again!) and T.A. meeting to stay home with him.  At one point I got very frustrated.  I wanted him to play with blocks or look at his books like he usually does plus have a two hour nap so I could book my tickets for the D.C. trip and make a Valentine for the Whiz and a nice dinner.  No such luck.  Things were actually going great until nap time when I made the mistake of putting the humidifier in his room.  After only half an hour he woke TERRIFIED.  After that he cried A LOT!  Wanted things to eat or drink but then cried when I got them for him.  Wouldn’t let me put him down.  And for a while just cried inconsolably in my lap.  He’s never like that so I don’t have very many coping strategies.  Finally I gave up on dinner and then everything was fine.  He sat in my lap and hugged me and laughed while I sang him “animal fair” and eventually fell asleep as it was getting dark.  I held him and listened him breathe and to wind and rain lashing the windows and to a report of the Egyptians cleaning up their public square with the pride of a newly free people.  It was really really nice.  A moment I’d like to remember forever.

When Whiz came home the house was a mess.  I managed to make a cake after sneaking the sleeping Goobs upstairs but it fell apart (see above).  I whipped up some fettucine alfredo with pink peppercorns and steamed artichokes.  It tasted good, but dinner was over quickly and bedtime suddenly upon us.  It was nice to clean up to the sound of Whiz reading to Goober in bed though (the monitor was still on from naptime).

We’re not going to take a family trip to DC.  We’ll save our money- maybe for a trip to Nova Scotia.  And I’ll go alone to interview and attend the national forum on the new planning rule for Forest Service.  Although I was excited for the family trip, I’m relieved to be able to focus while I’m there and not have the stress of planning a trip that I didn’t feel like the Whiz was 100% on board with.  The memorandum I have to submit by next Monday has me a little intimidated.  Lots of work to do.

Improvements: yesterday all my energy went to the date and to preparing for the interview.  Today it all went towards our sick baby and the holiday dinner.  Also I did make Whiz a rushed Valentine.

I’m TIRED.  There’s still lots of cleaning to do before bed.  I hope I get more time to myself tomorrow so I can make some progress with the memorandum.  Wish me luck.


True Grit

We actually hired a baby-sitter today and went out to a movie for the first time since December 2009.  Seriously.  We saw True Grit.  I loved it.  The language!  The bravery!  I felt inspired and sad too.  That bit at the end about time passing. . .

After the movie we went to a romantic restaurant and had happy hour drinks and Thai food by the fire.  It was crazy nice to be out alone together, engaged and relaxed for a change.  I didn’t have time to get done up what with the cleaning and getting Goobie ready and all, but I did throw on a red and white skirt and the heart pendant that my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day when I was 10.  I’ve realized recently that I’m at an age where being happy is the best thing I can do for my looks.  I’ve also vowed to wear more lipstick.  Why not.  I love seeing older woman in lipstick.

The bad news: we left Goobie with a 16 year old daughter of a colleague of the Whiz’s.  She has experience babysitting 2-year old twins but apparently got intimidated by our cloth diapers and didn’t change poor Goobie AT ALL.  AND there was no nap.  He also happens to be coming down with a cold.  I felt so guilty and sad when we came home and found him all snotty in a dirty diaper with a rash developing, way overtired and frantic.  Ouch my mommy heart.

Party Planning

Check out the sweet blueberry hat that my sister in law knit for Goobie as a Christmas gifts.  It’s one of her first knitting projects ever and- there’s no way to fully appreciate this from the photo, but take my word for it- every stitch is PERFECT.  I’ll never knit that well.  Goober wore it over to the frisbee golf course this morning and we had a rare sunny morning with an empty course to run around on.

It was a busy day- walk to the park, met Cara and Bodin at Gymboree, nap/ cleaning, had Anne, Jamie, Anna and Lilli over for a playdate, met daddy for dinner and grocery shopping, bedtime.  Not much time for an improvement.  But the day’s not over yet, and that blue and red combo has me thinking about the fourth of July.  I asked my mom about using her house in Gearhart for a party.  Back when I thought we were moving to Portland for a Fish and Wildlife job that I didn’t get I developed this fantasy of spending our forths at the house- decorating bikes for the parade, building bonfires on the beach, eating deviled eggs and hot dogs.  You know.  Some while later I realized we don’t need to move to Portland in order to do that.  Anyway, my mom’s excited about it.  So I am right this minute planning who to invite.  It’s complicated because of the rooms.

Kitten cardage

Inspired by the wild success of the birthday card that my brother and I made for my mom, I made some more.  These ones are more minimalist.  If you ever feel like making your own cards I recommend the kids book section at Goodwill.  All kids books are 79 cents and most of them are trashed enough that you won’t feel guilty about cutting them up.  Plus, I’m telling you, there are TREASURES in there.  I’m quite partial to the vintage Golden Books. 

BTW, I’ve been refining my thinking on the improvements as I go.  I’ve decided the projects have to still make me happy a month out in order to count.  Obvious categories are home improvements, crafts and “adult responsibilities” (getting a will!)  But I decided there should also be a “relationship” category which can include time spent with or things made/ obtained for people that I care about.  Handmade cards for example.  How convenient.

Christmas with Nona

Nona came up from Portland for the day.  We had our Christmas gift exchange plus gave her birthday presents.  Nona specializes in excessive giftage at the holidays.  No complaints.  I’m especially excited by my brand new outfit for teaching- cardigan, knee high socks, skirt, scarf, earrings.  All of it gorgeous and comfortable and dressy.  Thanks, Nona!  You’re the best.

Among other things I gave Nona the little cleaning book that I’ve been obsessed with lately (you can see it amidst the carnage).  Also some essential oils common in the recipes and some dog hair removal rollers.  Nerd.


Happy New Year!!!

As always, I have a slew of resolutions.  Drink 5 12 oz glasses of water a day. Get a will. A budget. A better bank. Evict the mouse from our wall.  Send birthday cards to everyone I love- preferably handmade and on time.  Replace that heinous kitchen counter pictured above.  Also post an improvement a day.  Improvement or accomplishment.  I can’t decide which is a better word.  Both are crappy.  Anyway, here we go: Day One.

I bought some LED Christmas lights half off at Big Lots to replace the inefficient ones that we’ve used for years.  There you go.  An improvement.

Happy Halloween!

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!  We walked around Ballard amidst the hoards of trick-or-treaters, then headed to a dinner party with friends.  It was perfect.  But I have to admit I ache a little knowing that it was the only one I’ll get to spend holding the chubby hand of our sweet one-year-old.