Pre DC list

Yesterday morning Goobiedoozer and I took a bus downtown to meet a friend at the aquarium.  It was packed and Goobs was all over the place.  Afterwards we got drinks at Local Color and savory pastries at Le Panier.  Goobie fell asleep in the Ergo on the bus ride home.  He was so exhausted he slept for two solid hours- very rare for him.  I let myself sit on the couch in the living room with a glass of water and read a novel.  It was heavenly.  In the evening I went over to a friend’s to knit and to chat which was also heaven.  Today a morning playdate here with two of Henry’s buddies, then a doctor’s appointment for me and a reunion with our nanny for Henry.  Then a trip south to look at a Westfalia and a homemade pizza for dinner.  The Whiz is exhausted after a hard week and fell asleep while putting H to bed.  It’s only 9:40, but I think I will go to bed too.  I’m beat.

Before I do.  My accomplishement: a pre DC to do list- the start of one anyway.  I’m going to add to it as I go.

Paint exterior trim

evict mouse

carpet den

fix sink

trim laurel and rosemary

paint bedroom

finish retouching living room

overhaul kitchen entryway

make felt bags to sell for charity

Put landscape cloth on the weedy parts


A budget

I’m fantasizing about repainting the house in earthy neutrals and replacing the dishes with heath ceramics.

Anyway.  Improvement of the day?:  I did it!  I drafted a budget.  Overcoming a massive and inexplicable lifetime mental block.  It’s been FOREVER that I’ve been wistful thinking how nice it would be to know we were on track with our financial goals, occasionally becoming resentful and thinking fiercely things like “of course I deserve to buy my son some $15 organic pajamas on sale at the outlet (plus some for friends with new babies)- who are you to tell me otherwise”.  This in response to the guilty voice always telling me to be careful*.  Well, no longer, friends!  Now I can relax about long term planning and scheme happily how best to spend the household allowance every month.  The new budget even includes $300 a month for travel (for weekend trips plus to save up for larger trips!).  The challenge now will be tracking our progress in relation to our goals.

We need to make a few home improvements before we’re off to DC: repainting the exterior trim and proofing against rodents, pruning the laurel and finding a yard care professional to keep up with it all while we’re gone.  Tomorrow I will draft my official BDC list (before DC).  Oh, and this should lay to rest the uncertainty that was no doubt keeping you up: I am still headed to DC for placement week!  The officers were super nice and helpful.  They even offered to show me some owls in the park out there.  Now I just need a haircut and two new white shirts.

Friends, would you believe it’s 3:42 AM?  Goobs and I have a date at the aquarium set for 9:30 AM, so I best be off to bed.

* Funny how that voice never ever speaks up at the grocery store.  Also funny how much time I spend there, feeling like royalty with my exotic produce, organic cheeses, and natural cleansers.

A list

Daffodils in my free pile vase.  Estate sale dude was not kidding.  Sadly, the light in the dining room has bothered me ever since Goobie smashed the floor lamp.

Last night in our pre-school parents meeting I was joking with some other moms about not feeling on top of our game.  Today was a case in point.  One mistake from Monday: spacing my office hours and not making it to campus in time to meet with the students who’d shown up to talk with me.  To compensate I announced I would have a 10:30 -11:30 office hours today.  What did I do today: spaced the office hour.  I’ll spare you my excuse.  Suffice it to say I suck.

Improvement: I’ve been developing a list of improvements I want to make in my head.  But today I will write them down formally.

retouching the paint in the living room

getting a rug for the bedroom (or for the living room so I can move up the one that’s in there


earthquake preparedness

financial advisor

jewelery overhaul

stuff swap

hang art in bedroom

add birthdays to Google calendar with reminders e-mailed a week in advance

have vents cleaned

return Groupon to Illustrated Spa

update Goobie’s blog

dry clean Goodwill jacket

decide floor and storage for basement den

retouch paint in kitchen

hang owl in hall

make a budget

clear blackberry

mulch under roses

make Goobie a hat

shampoo chair in bedroom

overhaul window dressings in bedroom

rope tie for alcove curtain

establish an asparagus bed

install a shed in the laurel hedge

replace birdbath

paint basement

frame Ecuador prints

paint inside of linen closet

retool blog