Sick baby

I’m going a little crazy with a sick baby at home.  Snot, other messes, cheek rash, fun plans cancelled, nutritious foods spurned,  lots of crying.  Just take one look at him and there’s no question he has a bad mom.  I’m really worried about our trip to DC on Sunday.  In fact, I’m sort of mess about this whole DC thing and praying the government shuts down.  It that wrong?  Would there be disastrous consequences?  The way I see it it would be a win for Obama, a blow for the Republicans and I could relax, tend to my baby and scope out D.C. at my leisure to try to strategize our move.

I read more about Placement Week last night and found myself dizzy with anxiety over lots of things including the specific instructions to bring a suit or a jacket with pants or skirt.  “Crap!”  I thought.  “I don’t have a suit.  Or a jacket.”  and then I remembered an olive green suit that I picked up at Goodwill about a year ago for $25.  The pants fit me well and I wore them with a blouse to my interview for the USFWS spotted owl job.  The jacket was a little too boxy.  In my memory it smacked a little of polyester, but when I dug it out of the closet I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s a prettier green than I remembered, definitely wool and seemingly well-made.  I looked up the brand online, determined it’s from Nordstoms, consulted my style guide and decided it was worth trying to arrange a rush alteration.

I found a really great old world tailor on Consumer’s Checkbook and plopped poor Goobs on the floor in his little chair with a handful of raisins while I was fitted.  Tomorrow when I pick up the suit I’ll try to sneak a photo of the place which is fantastic.

P.S.  Do you like my green California shirt?  It was in one of my bags o’ crap from the Goodwill Outlet store.


White shirts

Fell off the wagon with blogging the last few days.  Weekend trip to Portland to visit with my parents.  Goobs got sick again and has been needy- wanting to be carried constantly even while napping.  I did wear him over to the mall today.  It’s a short walk but I generally avoid it.  I had a dress that I’d gotten for $5 at Goodwill with the Macy’s tags still on and a “no receipt return” barcode.  I figured that trying to return it was worth a shot, particularly since I decided I’d need two new white shirts to get me through Placement Week.  It worked!  Goodbye size twelve bamboo print dress.  Hello $96 store credit.  Total scam.  I don’t feel bad about it though.  Someone bought that dress.  They never wore it and had the right to return it.  A right they donated to Goodwill and I bought for $5.  So instead of supporting sweat shops and the rest of it when I bought my two new shirts, I was supported jobs for the handicapped and a philosophy of reusing.  Right?  Scams are fun though.  The only problem is I’m not quite sure I love the shirts.  They don’t fit quite perfectly and I’ve been thinking lately that I should only invest in well-made, well-planned things that I will have for years and love.  I picked up this cheesy style book at the thrift store and am worried my shirts don’t fit all these criteria.  I’m thinking of exchanging the less tailored one for new underwear and investing in one of these instead.  They are made in the U.S.A.  What do you think?

I do spend less time thinking about this stuff than is implied by the fact that I’m posting about it here but the whole dressing well thing is new and elusive to me.


My favorite gown.  Heavy and regal but loose.  Looks fun to wear.

The Whiz and I don’t watch too much TV.  Occasionally we watch something short and funny in bed on the laptop- The Office, Flight of the Concords, The Daily Show, etc.  But I loooooove the Oscars.  My friend Shallin was going to come over yesterday to watch and make fresh rolls, but then our family went down with the stomach bug, and it ended up being a disaster day (except the very end which I spent reading in bed).  Today I had to catch up by looking at project rungay.  Their commentary on Mick Jagger made me giggle.

I gave my last lecture today and reminded myself more than anything of Chris Farley.  And that’s even after beta blockers.  So lecturing is not my strong suit.  On to other things.  I’m glad to have the day at home with Goobie tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  He’s still a little sick and way too skinny.  It breaks my mama heart.