Faux Bois Pot

Ladies and gentlemen, LOOK what I found at Goodwill:


I thought it would make an excellent pencil holder for my new office.  But it also looks really cute with a plant (dilemma):


Do you remember falling in love with the faux bois that was in that one Martha Stewart article from forever?  My internet skills are not good enough to track it down, and most of my Martha Stewarts were thrown out after a pipe burst in the basement.  Otherwise I would share it with you.

Sadly my husband is not properly impressed by successes like this Goodwill pot score.


Oh little handmade faux bois pot. . .  you are wonderful.


Forest shams

I bought two of these on impulse after seeing them here.  For a long time now I’ve wanted to paint a night forest mural on the walls and ceiling of our sleeping alcove.   To recreate the feeling of being in the woods at night in California on the owl project.  I think this may be the summer to do it.


Yesterday I got up before dawn to get some work done.  As soon as I finished I started trolling the internet for Westfalias.  When Wiz woke up I showed him my faves and we spent an hour or so squealing over the pretty ones.  I think that right now the Westfalia represents the one aspect of our future about which we can both get completely excited.

My mom came last night and watched the Goob for me this morning while I met with Sam and the T.A.s to put together the final.  We ate lunch at Ivar’s again and then my mom took off in a cloud of dog hair.  I made thai fresh rolls for dinner.  Then Wiz helped me “fix” the printer.  I’m looking forward to an unscheduled day with my boy tomorrow.

And what about improvements? you ask.  There have been some!  I did get a little derailed there with the viruses and the out of town trips and all, but I’m back at it and hope to stay strong with my one a day resolve.

Saturday: I put a second coat of paint on the frame of my latest Goodwill painting and hung it in the dining room (replacing the barn which was only a print and had issues).

Sunday: I replaced the pulls on the blinds in the blue room with four slightly mismatched dark hardwood ones that I got for 25 cents each at an estate sale.  They feel way heavier and smoother and more satisfying than the cheap blasa wood ugly ones that came with the blinds.  I am ridiculously pleased with my one dollar/ five minute upgrade.



Retouching in the Living Room

Here’s the Whiz playing guitar in the living room after dinner tonight.

You can see my “stopped mid stroke due to end of nap” paint job behind him.  That color actually matches the old paint perfectly on the opposite wall.  Which goes to show you that fires in the house are kind of gross.  However, they are also magical and I don’t want to stop having them.

You can also see I spilled a little paint on the fireplace and will have to retouch that too.  In a way I’m almost glad because it needed retouching anyway but not badly enough to prioritize.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday.  Highlights of mine: bubble bath with Goobs and then a storybook marathon with him on my lap tucked in his baby quilt and drinking milk.  Lowlight: Skyped T.A. meeting during which Goober woke up from his nap and had a minor meltdown.  Oh well.  Everyone was very accommodating (except for Goobs that is).  Totally worth it not to take him to daycare though.

My coat arrived today.  I’m off to try it on and scared I won’t love it.

Snow day

I paid $1.99 for this bird at Value Village.  Whiz hates it when I come home with crap like this.  Sadly, I just can’t help myself. My separated-at-birth identical twin and I will no doubt reunite in the ceramic shit isle of some thrift store in the heartland.  Seriously, the ceramic shit gene does not go latent.  You should see the ceramic animal collection of my youth.  It spanned three big wall-mounted wooden drawers that used to hold type set for printers.

Anyway, I took off the basket and this sucker is on display in the hall alcove.  That’s right, I put a bird on it.

And because I’m pretty sure I can’t count that as an improvement I also labeled my salt.

I got the white pen at Michael’s today.  Goobernachi and I ended up there when Gymboree was closed due to snow.

Thank God they did the sensible thing.  Those bushes could totally have collapsed and killed a toddler.

Hutch overhaul

More haphazard decorating in the dining room.  This is how things have been in the hutch for a while now.  Last night while I was redoing the art I made a mental note to “curate” and add more light color things.  They show up better against the dark wood.  So miracle of miracles, you are not going to believe what I found at Value Village today:  more light color stuff.  I know.  I’m a genius.  Here it is:

I put that top one down about three times.  Truthfully I don’t love it.  But the image of it as a watering can in some cheerful little sunroom (or maybe the upstairs bathroom) convinced me not to leave the store without it.  I could still return it. . . but it is the perfect height for that shelf.  I’m feeling indecisive.  Not about the pitcher though.  The pitcher I absolutely love and hope to have forever.  It’s heavy and old and well-made.  The bottom says “Arabia Made in England”.

I also got a small ceramic canister with a lid that I used to replace the pottery jar that’s been holding charging cords in the kitchen.  Plus a wool throw.

Here’s the after.  I might have to redo this photo tomorrow when there’s daylight again.

I don’t know.  It looks about as haphazard as it dd before doesn’t it?  Not exactly “curated”.  Wouldn’t it be cool to put a light in there and glass shelves and have only a few really beautiful items on display with lots of space around them?


Dining room art

Until fairly recently this is what the southwest corner of our dining room looked like.  I never loved it.  The prints just sort of ended up there.  Someday I’ll buy or make a real painting that’s perfect.  Until then this in an improvement:

The Whiz and I bought this in B.C. years and years and years ago.  I still love the colors and the simple composition.  It’s just a print that’s been brushed with clear gesso to look like a painting.  I painted the frame last night.  It was stained and nasty.

So there we go: an improvement.  I’m sorry I keep taking photos in the dining room at night.  I know they suck.

In other news: I made a sweet potato ginger peanut soup for dinner tonight and quinoa oat whole wheat bread (ala bread machine).  I thought both were good but Whiz is getting sick and didn’t eat much.  Neither did the Goobernator.  Sigh.  I also planned out dinners for the week and bought groceries today.  AND I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Target for $5 on clearance.  Mostly as a motivator to stay away from sugar and on top of the pilates.  Also purchased: 10 gallons of water.  I’m on the home stretch of disaster preparedness.