I knit some booties for a friend (the same friend who got the embroidered onesie).   Technically I knit her just one bootie, because the first was finished years ago (2006?), but was languishing in storage.  Lately I’m trying to clear out hoarded craft supplies and turn them into things that will serve some purpose in the world.  It feels really good.  I also finished a hat to go in this package.  And then I wrapped everything up (along with Hanna Anderson PJs and cashmere baby socks) with old USGS quad maps that my mom salvaged for me.  Coincidentally the one I used for these gifts actually depicted an area in WA near where they have a family vacation house.  My friend liked


Mending a quilt

8130_144376720908_489763_nI defended my Ph.D. thesis on October 29th 2004.  The next day I woke up unbelievably liberated.  I went for a run around Greenlake and on my way home I stopped at an estate sale where I admired a hand-stitched patchwork quilt top with vintage fabric.  It had no back and was coming apart in a couple places.  The woman running the sale said I could have it for free, so I took it home, delighted.  I mended it and splurged on nice fabric for the back, and then I hand-tied it and hand-stitched on the binding.  For a few years it was on the guest bed and then in the nursery.  Now it’s on Henry’s bed where I think it looks cheerful, although some might argue that, strictly speaking, it’s a little girly for an almost four year old.  Don’t worry- I have a new quilt underway for him.

But this patchwork quilt I will always love for being handmade, for having history, for being a gift to me on a happy, carefree day.  For bringing love to our guests and to our baby.  For cuddling us while we read bedtime stories.  When it wears through in places I patch it up.  The new squares blend in with the old and even add dimension.

worn through

worn through

patched up

patched up


kitMy crafting genius friend sent me this great book several months back.  I finally bought myself a set of threads, a hoop, some little scissors.  Also some clearance organic onesies from Hanna Anderson.   Here’s my first attempt at embroidery (for the daughter of a good friend due in June).  It went ridiculously fast and was overall very gratifying.birdonesie

Goodwill Outlet

For years I’ve heard rumors of the holy mecca of Goodwills.  The one where you pay by the pound for the dregs that no one buys at other stores (even half off).  Well, folks. . .  today I made my pilgramage.  It was just as exciting as I’d always dreamed it would be.  I spent about $20 and came home with two massive bags of crap.  Mostly things I plan to repurpose into a crazy hippy quilt.  Also some decent things- hats for goobie, a shirt for the Wiz and a cardigan for me, a cool aqua-colored vintage suitcase.  The whole time I was there and most of the rest of the day I fantasized about launching my ecocraft biz.

Here are some of the squares for the hippy quilt (pay no attention to the fact that my son is not wearing pants, nor to the yogurt on his chin- while we’re at it please also ignore that stray outlet cover in the photo above.  What can I say- photo-styling is not my thing).  Anyway, these squares are mostly ones I salvaged from a quilt that the Wiz’s mom made.  It was on his bed in the trailer at Wolf Hollow when I met him.  Later on we brought it camping and to CA when we did field work.  Sadly it just kept getting more and more stained and decrepit.  Even taking it apart carefully and trimming the squares down an inch or so on each side I could only salvage about a quarter of it.  Still, the pieces that remain have lots of character and good memories.  I want to back the new quilt in denim and use it like we used the last- for camping and picnics and concerts at the zoo, etc.  It will be particularly perfect in our future hippy van.

Some of the fabric I’m adding is from this moo moo which I bought for a dollar at a yard sale in Covelo and wore there during the wicked heat.  I also wore it on the day I went into labor.  I was huge.  And hot.  I even had it on in the water bath.  You can’t tell from the photo but the fabric is actually gorgeous.

Sorry for the hiatus in my blogging.  The night before last I went out to celebrate sweet Celia’s 35th and last night I watched shows with the Wiz.  It was nice.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mountain range of laundry to fold.

Aran knit cables

My first attempt at aran cables.  It was nice to have time with my hands free on the trip.  I hope I can finish this little sweater before Goober is too big to wear it.

Well, I’m not so grumpy today.  Wiz made me my favorite dinner last night to celebrate the fellowship- tofu francese (battered and fried with lemon, white wine, butter, artichoke sauce).  YUM!  We went to Raffi’s for lunch today and started talking about buying a Westfalia or Eurovan for the cross country move and for weekends up and down the Eastern seaboard.  My mom called, and explaining things to her got me excited about the opportunity again.  Everything is starting to make sense.  Not that there aren’t hundreds of things to figure out.  For one: how am I going to swing the week next month back in DC for interviews?  Maybe Wiz can take Goobs to visit his parents and I can join them there?  But I don’t want to be away from Goober a whole five days.  Maybe my dad can come to DC and babysit while I am tied up?  The actual interviews probably won’t take that much of the week.  Maybe Wiz and Goober can come to DC with me for part of the time and Nam can watch him on the other days?  Maybe Wiz can just work from DC, watching Goobs the few times I am busy, looking at neighborhoods with me on the weekend?

One step at a time.  Really, Lis.  People do this stuff.  It works out.

Pike Place Market Morning

Spent the morning downtown with Goobs today.  It was rainy, relatively deserted and heavenly.  We oggled chatchkes, watched cheesemakers at work, sampled the Flagship cheddar, sipped Market Spice tea, watched ferries and barges in the sound, wandered an art gallery, tasted smoked salmon, inhaled the scents of exotic spices, drank coconut juice and people-watched.  We also made a quick visit to the aquarium.  Poor Goober was still sick, but in better spirits.  I want him back to 100% and fattened so badly that it makes me dizzy.

Early bedtime.  Not much of a dinner.  Whiz is still under the weather himself.  After picking up the joint I made a couple Birthday cards in partial fulfillment of a New Year’s resolution and listened to selected shorts.  I hope to feel back on top of improvements and maintenance soon.



Snow day

I paid $1.99 for this bird at Value Village.  Whiz hates it when I come home with crap like this.  Sadly, I just can’t help myself. My separated-at-birth identical twin and I will no doubt reunite in the ceramic shit isle of some thrift store in the heartland.  Seriously, the ceramic shit gene does not go latent.  You should see the ceramic animal collection of my youth.  It spanned three big wall-mounted wooden drawers that used to hold type set for printers.

Anyway, I took off the basket and this sucker is on display in the hall alcove.  That’s right, I put a bird on it.

And because I’m pretty sure I can’t count that as an improvement I also labeled my salt.

I got the white pen at Michael’s today.  Goobernachi and I ended up there when Gymboree was closed due to snow.

Thank God they did the sensible thing.  Those bushes could totally have collapsed and killed a toddler.