First thing manana Goober and I leave on a day trip to Bellingham with a friend.  We’re visiting another friend who has a new house with a view.  Very exciting.  Today I managed to exploit our coming trip as an excuse for a visit to Goodwill where I, of course, got lots of crap but only spent $16.  Some of my scores are pictured above.  I’m kind of in love with the painting.  Since the photo I’ve cleaned the splooge off with bread (thanks Morgan!) and removed the frame to be painted.  I also have to point out that Morgan actually wrote her post about how to clean paintings because I e-mailed her a question about it.  I was trying to clean up my Edna Blair.  How awesome is that?  Anyhoo, where was I?  Oh yeah, name dropping and bragging about my awesome eye and burgeoning art collection.  Now back to bragging about the crap I got for $16 which also includes a brand new Suess and a Mercer Mayer and a frame and a clock.

Other improvements include cleaning out the car and retouching the worst of the living room- photos to come after more progress is made.  Retouching over the fireplace made me realize that wall was pretty discolored with smoke so the retouching is more extensive that I anticipated and also more gratifying.

Oh, and I also bought myself a new lipstick (for the first time since before our wedding!) in anticipation of DC.  I’m a la di da fancy lady now.


the laughing heart

Listen to it here.  This qualifies as more partial fulfillment of a resolution: find more poetry to read to Goobie.  By the end of the year I’ll have one memorized.  It recently seemed important to have something on hand for improv performance.

Dining room art

Until fairly recently this is what the southwest corner of our dining room looked like.  I never loved it.  The prints just sort of ended up there.  Someday I’ll buy or make a real painting that’s perfect.  Until then this in an improvement:

The Whiz and I bought this in B.C. years and years and years ago.  I still love the colors and the simple composition.  It’s just a print that’s been brushed with clear gesso to look like a painting.  I painted the frame last night.  It was stained and nasty.

So there we go: an improvement.  I’m sorry I keep taking photos in the dining room at night.  I know they suck.

In other news: I made a sweet potato ginger peanut soup for dinner tonight and quinoa oat whole wheat bread (ala bread machine).  I thought both were good but Whiz is getting sick and didn’t eat much.  Neither did the Goobernator.  Sigh.  I also planned out dinners for the week and bought groceries today.  AND I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Target for $5 on clearance.  Mostly as a motivator to stay away from sugar and on top of the pilates.  Also purchased: 10 gallons of water.  I’m on the home stretch of disaster preparedness.


In the afternoon the Whiz took Goober out shopping for new shoes and new books.  I used my alone time to affix a wire hanger to the back of an owl ashtray which is now hanging in the hall under my owl soap dish.  Ah the hazards of estate sale-ing.  I also hung a photo taken by Whiz of our late whippet, Devo in the expanding bathroom gallery.  Man.  He was a fantastic dog.

It’s definitely time to do something about that crack in the wainscotting.

Bathroom gallery

The Whiz gave me this portrait of the 6 mo old Goobernator for Christmas.  I love it more than I can explain.  It took me a long time to decide where to put it and I finally settled on the bathroom.  Because 1. it is the right size for our growing gallery in there and 2. I’ll get to see it all the time (as opposed to the family photos in our upstairs gallery which I never look at on my way past).  I just hope the moisture doesn’t damage it.  As a precautionary measure I glued paper over the back before hanging it today.

There’s something not perfect about this arrangement of four.  I plan to add more art and hopefully improve in things a little in there with time.

Edna Blair

Satisfied dusting of hands.  There is now an original Edna Blair oil painting hanging over our washer and dryer.  Not an art history buff?  I’ll enlighten you: Edna Blair was the friend of the mom of the woman who was trying to sell this beauty all day from her front yard in Puyallup during the Puyallup Fair back in September.  We drove by looking for parking and I made Whiz stop.  A dollar bill passed hands.  And almost passed back except that an exasperated Whiz took pity on me and got out to help fit my acquisition into the trunk along with the Bob (also pictured).  Spatial skills. . .

And, yes, that’s the basement.  Don’t look closely.  It’s still a disaster.  But the painting makes me happy.

That’s it for tonight folks.  Why?  Because this is what I woke up to this morning:

I need to finished cleaning up before Whiz gets Goobie to sleep.

Owl painting

My brother left this morning after we all had a wheat free waffle breakfast.  (I’m obsessed with those yeasted waffles.  I just sub 3/4 brown rice flour, 3 Tbls potato starch, 1 Tbls tapioca flour and 1/2 tsp xantham gum for each cup of what flour, thus rendering them goobie-friendly.)  I hung a small oil painting of an owl that I got on Etsy over a year ago and then VERY very very slowly set about framing.  Each step took months.  I want to eventually fill that bathroom wall with framed art.  But I’m going to have to step up the pace considerably.

Oh, and today Sam told me my lecture was fabulous and that he was sorry about Wed but he’d been upset because of a financial crisis in the lab that has necessitated putting people at part time and may lead to a lay off.  Overall, terribly sad news, but I was also crazily relieved to get an apology.