I knit some booties for a friend (the same friend who got the embroidered onesie).   Technically I knit her just one bootie, because the first was finished years ago (2006?), but was languishing in storage.  Lately I’m trying to clear out hoarded craft supplies and turn them into things that will serve some purpose in the world.  It feels really good.  I also finished a hat to go in this package.  And then I wrapped everything up (along with Hanna Anderson PJs and cashmere baby socks) with old USGS quad maps that my mom salvaged for me.  Coincidentally the one I used for these gifts actually depicted an area in WA near where they have a family vacation house.  My friend liked


Mending a quilt

8130_144376720908_489763_nI defended my Ph.D. thesis on October 29th 2004.  The next day I woke up unbelievably liberated.  I went for a run around Greenlake and on my way home I stopped at an estate sale where I admired a hand-stitched patchwork quilt top with vintage fabric.  It had no back and was coming apart in a couple places.  The woman running the sale said I could have it for free, so I took it home, delighted.  I mended it and splurged on nice fabric for the back, and then I hand-tied it and hand-stitched on the binding.  For a few years it was on the guest bed and then in the nursery.  Now it’s on Henry’s bed where I think it looks cheerful, although some might argue that, strictly speaking, it’s a little girly for an almost four year old.  Don’t worry- I have a new quilt underway for him.

But this patchwork quilt I will always love for being handmade, for having history, for being a gift to me on a happy, carefree day.  For bringing love to our guests and to our baby.  For cuddling us while we read bedtime stories.  When it wears through in places I patch it up.  The new squares blend in with the old and even add dimension.

worn through

worn through

patched up

patched up


kitMy crafting genius friend sent me this great book several months back.  I finally bought myself a set of threads, a hoop, some little scissors.  Also some clearance organic onesies from Hanna Anderson.   Here’s my first attempt at embroidery (for the daughter of a good friend due in June).  It went ridiculously fast and was overall very gratifying.birdonesie

Faux Bois Pot

Ladies and gentlemen, LOOK what I found at Goodwill:


I thought it would make an excellent pencil holder for my new office.  But it also looks really cute with a plant (dilemma):


Do you remember falling in love with the faux bois that was in that one Martha Stewart article from forever?  My internet skills are not good enough to track it down, and most of my Martha Stewarts were thrown out after a pipe burst in the basement.  Otherwise I would share it with you.

Sadly my husband is not properly impressed by successes like this Goodwill pot score.


Oh little handmade faux bois pot. . .  you are wonderful.

Fancy Pants

Once upon a time I had some brown wide-leg pants from Anthropologie with mismatched buttons on the back pockets.  One was light blue with a white stripe around the edge.  I loved that detail and, by extension, those pants.  And absolutely wore them out (as happens all too quickly with clothes from Anthropologie).

Those pants were probably at the back of my mind when I bought these wide-leg jeans at a thrift store.  They happened to be missing a button.


A couple buttons later (I bought big ones to make my butt look smaller). . . Image



(I also did a quick overdye with this).  Overall I’m pretty happy with how they came out.  Although I admit I was hoping for a little more from the oversize buttons.  Sigh.


Good thing I also bought this.  : )

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

*       Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA
*       Over $5 billion in assets
*       Annual Foundation budget of ~$250 million
*       ~80 employees
*       Three program areas
*       Environmental Conservation
*       Science
*       Patient Care
*       A San Francisco Bay Area Portfolio that focuses on these same issues locally

We got this chair for $25 on Craigslist.  It’s in great shape.

Oh, people, my heart is sore.  School creates so much anxiety for the boy.  If this situation doesn’t improve we will need to make some big changes.  In the meantime I need to be productive enough at work to justify this distance.  I’ll start NOW.  NOW!  Do you hear me brain!?  He’s fine.