Way back in 1999 or so I served a brief stint as an overpaid SAT tutor.  It was interesting insofar as it gained me entry into some VERY fancy houses.  One day driving around on Mercer Island I came across an Aucuba put out on the street.  It was the first Aucuba I’d ever noticed.  I brought it home and stuck it along the North property line under our big conifer.  It didn’t produce berries so I assumed it was male and bought a female to keep it company for $3.33 at Thriftway.  Now the original is dead and the small female is huge and was getting sunburned because we had the laurel above her cut back last summer.  So today I pruned her and moved her to a spot along the Northern property line.  I think she’ll be much happier in the shade and the space she’d outgrown is already looking much improved although I haven’t cleaned up the cuttings yet.  Two side branches had set roots of their own so I divided them off and also planted them along the Northern property line.  If they all survive and fill in they’ll provide a nice screen from the neighbors.

Lots has happened.  D.C. was scary.  It’s nice to be home.  I accepted a position with USGS.  Things are good.


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