radio flyer tricycle

Goobs got a tricycle!  I found it on Craigslist and met a tall, classy woman at the Queen Anne Safeway at the top to pick it up.  It’s shiny and red and perfect in every way except that I wish it had streamers.  I may have to buy those separate.  No rush though.  Just so we have them for the forth of July parade in Gearhart.

Yesterday I neglected to mention my inspiration for the hippy quilt.  My blog de jour.  Stay at home mommies get all my attention these days.  Just an observation.  Last night I had trouble falling asleep hearing Henry’s voice saying the names of his friends: Neko, Mia, Alasdair, Nam, Nona.  I HATE the idea of uprooting him.  Once when we leave and then again to come back.  Meanwhile the Wiz is happy at work, and I am very happy as a stay at home mom.  Plus I would love to have another.


I need some guidance.  Do you hear that higher power?  I humbly beseech your guidance.

Oh, BTW, Sam and I were on the radio.  Only listen if you are struggling with insomnia.  And then feel free to laugh- particularly at my first contribution which was a nervous, confused noise of agreement elicited when Sam asked me to confirm some small fact at a point where I was not listening to a word he said (worried about Tina actually who I heard trying to sooth a crying Goobs just up from his nap in the other room).  Also at the trippy sound effects that enhance my last goodbye.  I’ve always wanted to be interviewed on NPR.



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