Goodwill Outlet

For years I’ve heard rumors of the holy mecca of Goodwills.  The one where you pay by the pound for the dregs that no one buys at other stores (even half off).  Well, folks. . .  today I made my pilgramage.  It was just as exciting as I’d always dreamed it would be.  I spent about $20 and came home with two massive bags of crap.  Mostly things I plan to repurpose into a crazy hippy quilt.  Also some decent things- hats for goobie, a shirt for the Wiz and a cardigan for me, a cool aqua-colored vintage suitcase.  The whole time I was there and most of the rest of the day I fantasized about launching my ecocraft biz.

Here are some of the squares for the hippy quilt (pay no attention to the fact that my son is not wearing pants, nor to the yogurt on his chin- while we’re at it please also ignore that stray outlet cover in the photo above.  What can I say- photo-styling is not my thing).  Anyway, these squares are mostly ones I salvaged from a quilt that the Wiz’s mom made.  It was on his bed in the trailer at Wolf Hollow when I met him.  Later on we brought it camping and to CA when we did field work.  Sadly it just kept getting more and more stained and decrepit.  Even taking it apart carefully and trimming the squares down an inch or so on each side I could only salvage about a quarter of it.  Still, the pieces that remain have lots of character and good memories.  I want to back the new quilt in denim and use it like we used the last- for camping and picnics and concerts at the zoo, etc.  It will be particularly perfect in our future hippy van.

Some of the fabric I’m adding is from this moo moo which I bought for a dollar at a yard sale in Covelo and wore there during the wicked heat.  I also wore it on the day I went into labor.  I was huge.  And hot.  I even had it on in the water bath.  You can’t tell from the photo but the fabric is actually gorgeous.

Sorry for the hiatus in my blogging.  The night before last I went out to celebrate sweet Celia’s 35th and last night I watched shows with the Wiz.  It was nice.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mountain range of laundry to fold.


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