Way back in 1999 or so I served a brief stint as an overpaid SAT tutor.  It was interesting insofar as it gained me entry into some VERY fancy houses.  One day driving around on Mercer Island I came across an Aucuba put out on the street.  It was the first Aucuba I’d ever noticed.  I brought it home and stuck it along the North property line under our big conifer.  It didn’t produce berries so I assumed it was male and bought a female to keep it company for $3.33 at Thriftway.  Now the original is dead and the small female is huge and was getting sunburned because we had the laurel above her cut back last summer.  So today I pruned her and moved her to a spot along the Northern property line.  I think she’ll be much happier in the shade and the space she’d outgrown is already looking much improved although I haven’t cleaned up the cuttings yet.  Two side branches had set roots of their own so I divided them off and also planted them along the Northern property line.  If they all survive and fill in they’ll provide a nice screen from the neighbors.

Lots has happened.  D.C. was scary.  It’s nice to be home.  I accepted a position with USGS.  Things are good.


Minimal gardening

A bee stung my finger today.  It was hiding in a clump of weeds and grass that I tried to pull out of the front yard during a bout of half-ass impromptu gardening.  We went to another doctor today.  She confirmed that Goobs has just a cold and wrote us a prescription for something to numb his ears on the plane.  I made 20 copies of my resume, picked up my suit, bought some white tank tops and packets of baby food.  I guess we’re going.  And the government’s not shut down.  Rats!  Tomorrow: hair and nails.  I should have been wearing gloves today.

Sick baby

I’m going a little crazy with a sick baby at home.  Snot, other messes, cheek rash, fun plans cancelled, nutritious foods spurned,  lots of crying.  Just take one look at him and there’s no question he has a bad mom.  I’m really worried about our trip to DC on Sunday.  In fact, I’m sort of mess about this whole DC thing and praying the government shuts down.  It that wrong?  Would there be disastrous consequences?  The way I see it it would be a win for Obama, a blow for the Republicans and I could relax, tend to my baby and scope out D.C. at my leisure to try to strategize our move.

I read more about Placement Week last night and found myself dizzy with anxiety over lots of things including the specific instructions to bring a suit or a jacket with pants or skirt.  “Crap!”  I thought.  “I don’t have a suit.  Or a jacket.”  and then I remembered an olive green suit that I picked up at Goodwill about a year ago for $25.  The pants fit me well and I wore them with a blouse to my interview for the USFWS spotted owl job.  The jacket was a little too boxy.  In my memory it smacked a little of polyester, but when I dug it out of the closet I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s a prettier green than I remembered, definitely wool and seemingly well-made.  I looked up the brand online, determined it’s from Nordstoms, consulted my style guide and decided it was worth trying to arrange a rush alteration.

I found a really great old world tailor on Consumer’s Checkbook and plopped poor Goobs on the floor in his little chair with a handful of raisins while I was fitted.  Tomorrow when I pick up the suit I’ll try to sneak a photo of the place which is fantastic.

P.S.  Do you like my green California shirt?  It was in one of my bags o’ crap from the Goodwill Outlet store.

White shirts

Fell off the wagon with blogging the last few days.  Weekend trip to Portland to visit with my parents.  Goobs got sick again and has been needy- wanting to be carried constantly even while napping.  I did wear him over to the mall today.  It’s a short walk but I generally avoid it.  I had a dress that I’d gotten for $5 at Goodwill with the Macy’s tags still on and a “no receipt return” barcode.  I figured that trying to return it was worth a shot, particularly since I decided I’d need two new white shirts to get me through Placement Week.  It worked!  Goodbye size twelve bamboo print dress.  Hello $96 store credit.  Total scam.  I don’t feel bad about it though.  Someone bought that dress.  They never wore it and had the right to return it.  A right they donated to Goodwill and I bought for $5.  So instead of supporting sweat shops and the rest of it when I bought my two new shirts, I was supported jobs for the handicapped and a philosophy of reusing.  Right?  Scams are fun though.  The only problem is I’m not quite sure I love the shirts.  They don’t fit quite perfectly and I’ve been thinking lately that I should only invest in well-made, well-planned things that I will have for years and love.  I picked up this cheesy style book at the thrift store and am worried my shirts don’t fit all these criteria.  I’m thinking of exchanging the less tailored one for new underwear and investing in one of these instead.  They are made in the U.S.A.  What do you think?

I do spend less time thinking about this stuff than is implied by the fact that I’m posting about it here but the whole dressing well thing is new and elusive to me.

radio flyer tricycle

Goobs got a tricycle!  I found it on Craigslist and met a tall, classy woman at the Queen Anne Safeway at the top to pick it up.  It’s shiny and red and perfect in every way except that I wish it had streamers.  I may have to buy those separate.  No rush though.  Just so we have them for the forth of July parade in Gearhart.

Yesterday I neglected to mention my inspiration for the hippy quilt.  My blog de jour.  Stay at home mommies get all my attention these days.  Just an observation.  Last night I had trouble falling asleep hearing Henry’s voice saying the names of his friends: Neko, Mia, Alasdair, Nam, Nona.  I HATE the idea of uprooting him.  Once when we leave and then again to come back.  Meanwhile the Wiz is happy at work, and I am very happy as a stay at home mom.  Plus I would love to have another.


I need some guidance.  Do you hear that higher power?  I humbly beseech your guidance.

Oh, BTW, Sam and I were on the radio.  Only listen if you are struggling with insomnia.  And then feel free to laugh- particularly at my first contribution which was a nervous, confused noise of agreement elicited when Sam asked me to confirm some small fact at a point where I was not listening to a word he said (worried about Tina actually who I heard trying to sooth a crying Goobs just up from his nap in the other room).  Also at the trippy sound effects that enhance my last goodbye.  I’ve always wanted to be interviewed on NPR.


Goodwill Outlet

For years I’ve heard rumors of the holy mecca of Goodwills.  The one where you pay by the pound for the dregs that no one buys at other stores (even half off).  Well, folks. . .  today I made my pilgramage.  It was just as exciting as I’d always dreamed it would be.  I spent about $20 and came home with two massive bags of crap.  Mostly things I plan to repurpose into a crazy hippy quilt.  Also some decent things- hats for goobie, a shirt for the Wiz and a cardigan for me, a cool aqua-colored vintage suitcase.  The whole time I was there and most of the rest of the day I fantasized about launching my ecocraft biz.

Here are some of the squares for the hippy quilt (pay no attention to the fact that my son is not wearing pants, nor to the yogurt on his chin- while we’re at it please also ignore that stray outlet cover in the photo above.  What can I say- photo-styling is not my thing).  Anyway, these squares are mostly ones I salvaged from a quilt that the Wiz’s mom made.  It was on his bed in the trailer at Wolf Hollow when I met him.  Later on we brought it camping and to CA when we did field work.  Sadly it just kept getting more and more stained and decrepit.  Even taking it apart carefully and trimming the squares down an inch or so on each side I could only salvage about a quarter of it.  Still, the pieces that remain have lots of character and good memories.  I want to back the new quilt in denim and use it like we used the last- for camping and picnics and concerts at the zoo, etc.  It will be particularly perfect in our future hippy van.

Some of the fabric I’m adding is from this moo moo which I bought for a dollar at a yard sale in Covelo and wore there during the wicked heat.  I also wore it on the day I went into labor.  I was huge.  And hot.  I even had it on in the water bath.  You can’t tell from the photo but the fabric is actually gorgeous.

Sorry for the hiatus in my blogging.  The night before last I went out to celebrate sweet Celia’s 35th and last night I watched shows with the Wiz.  It was nice.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a mountain range of laundry to fold.