Blood Draw


I’ve been resolved to edit down our belongings, but this apartment really appeals to me.  It would be a perfect movie set.

Oh, dear readers, I feel like I’m failing badly at my improvement a day resolve.  But I want to go a little easy on myself  so I’m going to count having a fasted blood draw this morning as something that I will still be glad of in a month.

Despite my limited accomplishments, today was a good day.  After the blood draw I treated myself to a cherry cheese danish at Whole Foods AND a dark chocolate yogurt.  What?  I was hungry.  Afterwards Goobs and I took a long walk, smelling all the flowers we could find.  Goobie’s nose and lips turned bright yellow from the pollen.  I filled the house with vases of daffodils, grape hyacinths and camilias.

Goobs didn’t want to take his nap and fell asleep around three on my lap bouncing on the yoga ball.  When I moved him upstairs to his bed he woke up cranky after only 30 min and fell asleep on me again when I brought him downstairs.  I listened to This American Life and dozed a little and let myself savor the moment.  The house is clean now and smells good.  I have a pile of receipts sitting next to me that I plan to enter into Quicken.  Then pilates, a shower and to bed.  I hope you are also feeling comfortable and satisfied.  Thanks for checking in and Goodnight.


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