Radio Interview

Goobie and I went over to a friend’s house today so she could watch him while Sam and I did a phone interview with an NPR reporter from Arcata.  Luckily Sam did most of the talking.  The focus of the interview was the conservation canine project.  We (and I use “we” loosely because my role was minimal) developed a new survey protocol that relies on dogs rather than simulated owl calls to find spotted owls.  It’s way better than the old status quo for several critical reasons.  There is, however, an entrenched ass impeding publication of our results.

When the interview was over I found Goobs in the front yard with Tina and Mia and Carlos, excited about a remote control car.  The whole way home he told me all about it using the following five words: “loud”, “fast”, “car”, “cool” and “amazing”.  Later we had chili for dinner and wheat free cornbread.


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