So, were things to have gone as planned, we would be in Whistler right now.  Last night we would have been viewing the supermoon from a snowy mountainside in a foreign country- maybe even from the window of our luxury suite at the Westin.  Unfortunately we forgot about that foreign country part and neglected to pack Goob’s birth certificate.  Doh.  The Canooks turned us right around at the border.  There was subsequently much waiting in line and degradation as well as befriending by the nicest woman ever who offered us a weekend in her friend’s condo.  We spent a night in Bellingham instead, came home this afternoon, did some cleaning, mowing the lawn etc.  Highlights include: mac and cheese + free beer at the brewery, a lemon poppyseed turnover for breakfast, running around with Goobs at the park, a drive-by of the farmhouse that I lusted over all last winter.  (I can officially put that crush to rest now.  Although someday I do still want barn with an office on the top and a 1950’s auto shop to convert into a studio.)

It was a really nice weekend all told.  Just not the weekend we’d been anticipating.

P.S.  WordPress is not letting me upload images just now.


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