I promised an update so here it is: my baby brother is headed to Providence, Rhode Island for a residency at Brown!  He spent a month or so there over the summer in their E.R. and really liked it.  He said the town seemed like Portland was 30 years ago.  There’s a strong design community which is attractive for his wife.  It was his first pick.  So it’s great news.  And here’s where I should bite my tongue but can’t (it’s OK, no one reads this anyway, not even the Wiz): he made a bad decision.  He could have been in Seattle.  At UW.  He and his wife want to start their family in the next years.  They’re going to start putting down roots.  It would just make more sense to be in the NW that’s all.  He wants to teach and supposedly wants to come back to the NW so getting involved in the new E.R. program at UW would make a lot of sense. 

Oh well.  We all do what our gut tells us to.  I’ve thought he made a bad decision before and been wrong.

As for Wiz- major kudos.  Hi bosses gave him a big bonus out of the blue, sort of a retroactive raise.  And then they gave him a real raise of almost 35%!  A “promotion” more accurately but his new job description matches what he’s been doing for months anyway.  They also agreed to invest in training.  Plus they praised him lavishly.   Sadly, Wiz didn’t seem appropriately happy about the whole thing.  Maybe because we’ll be leaving for DC in a few months?  Maybe because he’s burnt out?

Tomorrow we leave for Whistler on the trip he won (earned) for being MVP.  I’m wishing I were packed/ showered and that the house/car/ laundry were clean.


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