Yesterday I got up before dawn to get some work done.  As soon as I finished I started trolling the internet for Westfalias.  When Wiz woke up I showed him my faves and we spent an hour or so squealing over the pretty ones.  I think that right now the Westfalia represents the one aspect of our future about which we can both get completely excited.

My mom came last night and watched the Goob for me this morning while I met with Sam and the T.A.s to put together the final.  We ate lunch at Ivar’s again and then my mom took off in a cloud of dog hair.  I made thai fresh rolls for dinner.  Then Wiz helped me “fix” the printer.  I’m looking forward to an unscheduled day with my boy tomorrow.

And what about improvements? you ask.  There have been some!  I did get a little derailed there with the viruses and the out of town trips and all, but I’m back at it and hope to stay strong with my one a day resolve.

Saturday: I put a second coat of paint on the frame of my latest Goodwill painting and hung it in the dining room (replacing the barn which was only a print and had issues).

Sunday: I replaced the pulls on the blinds in the blue room with four slightly mismatched dark hardwood ones that I got for 25 cents each at an estate sale.  They feel way heavier and smoother and more satisfying than the cheap blasa wood ugly ones that came with the blinds.  I am ridiculously pleased with my one dollar/ five minute upgrade.




One Comment on “Westfalia”

  1. […] Here are some of the squares for the hippy quilt (pay no attention to the fact that my son is not wearing pants, nor to the yogurt on his chin- while we’re at it please also ignore that stray outlet cover in the photo above.  What can I say- photo-styling is not my thing).  Anyway, these squares are mostly ones I salvaged from a quilt that the Wiz’s mom made.  It was on his bed in the trailer at Wolf Hollow when I met him.  Later on we brought it camping and to CA when we did field work.  Sadly it just kept getting more and more stained and decrepit.  Even taking it apart carefully and trimming the squares down an inch or so on each side I could only salvage about a quarter of it.  Still, the pieces that remain have lots of character and good memories.  I want to back the new quilt in denim and use it like we used the last- for camping and picnics and concerts at the zoo, etc.  It will be particularly perfect in our future hippy van. […]

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