Aran knit cables

My first attempt at aran cables.  It was nice to have time with my hands free on the trip.  I hope I can finish this little sweater before Goober is too big to wear it.

Well, I’m not so grumpy today.  Wiz made me my favorite dinner last night to celebrate the fellowship- tofu francese (battered and fried with lemon, white wine, butter, artichoke sauce).  YUM!  We went to Raffi’s for lunch today and started talking about buying a Westfalia or Eurovan for the cross country move and for weekends up and down the Eastern seaboard.  My mom called, and explaining things to her got me excited about the opportunity again.  Everything is starting to make sense.  Not that there aren’t hundreds of things to figure out.  For one: how am I going to swing the week next month back in DC for interviews?  Maybe Wiz can take Goobs to visit his parents and I can join them there?  But I don’t want to be away from Goober a whole five days.  Maybe my dad can come to DC and babysit while I am tied up?  The actual interviews probably won’t take that much of the week.  Maybe Wiz and Goober can come to DC with me for part of the time and Nam can watch him on the other days?  Maybe Wiz can just work from DC, watching Goobs the few times I am busy, looking at neighborhoods with me on the weekend?

One step at a time.  Really, Lis.  People do this stuff.  It works out.


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