An Offer

Well, sportfans.  I got the offer.  Would it make me a horrible ingrate to confess my reservations?  DC was rainy and reminded me of Bladerunner.  Hard to ever imagine making a home for my family there.  These are photos of Metro station that I took as I stood there befuddled by the fact of the year- 2011.  A year that belongs to a future so distant that I never calculated for it.  I’ve reached an age unfathomable for heroines.  In the metro station I looked around at young women and old women, well-dressed and shabby and felt the weight of responsibility for inventing the me I need to become.  DC will probably be a good step.  A finishing school of sorts.

But Wiz (he corrected my spelling on that) is less than completely thrilled.  “You always told me you wanted to stay home with the kids while they were young.  Work part time until they started school.”  True.  “I’ve been working my ass off so you can do that and now that we are comfortable you want to dismantle everything.”  (Maybe those weren’t his exact word).  He’s worried that he’s going to have to give up everything he’s worked so hard for.  And I have to say domesticity has been delicious.  Sacha says she doesn’t see her son until 6 PM on most days.  Bleh.

More later.  I’ve been up since 2:00 Seattle time and am off to put the boy to bed.


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