Retouching in the Living Room

Here’s the Whiz playing guitar in the living room after dinner tonight.

You can see my “stopped mid stroke due to end of nap” paint job behind him.  That color actually matches the old paint perfectly on the opposite wall.  Which goes to show you that fires in the house are kind of gross.  However, they are also magical and I don’t want to stop having them.

You can also see I spilled a little paint on the fireplace and will have to retouch that too.  In a way I’m almost glad because it needed retouching anyway but not badly enough to prioritize.

Hope you all had a lovely Monday.  Highlights of mine: bubble bath with Goobs and then a storybook marathon with him on my lap tucked in his baby quilt and drinking milk.  Lowlight: Skyped T.A. meeting during which Goober woke up from his nap and had a minor meltdown.  Oh well.  Everyone was very accommodating (except for Goobs that is).  Totally worth it not to take him to daycare though.

My coat arrived today.  I’m off to try it on and scared I won’t love it.


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