First thing manana Goober and I leave on a day trip to Bellingham with a friend.  We’re visiting another friend who has a new house with a view.  Very exciting.  Today I managed to exploit our coming trip as an excuse for a visit to Goodwill where I, of course, got lots of crap but only spent $16.  Some of my scores are pictured above.  I’m kind of in love with the painting.  Since the photo I’ve cleaned the splooge off with bread (thanks Morgan!) and removed the frame to be painted.  I also have to point out that Morgan actually wrote her post about how to clean paintings because I e-mailed her a question about it.  I was trying to clean up my Edna Blair.  How awesome is that?  Anyhoo, where was I?  Oh yeah, name dropping and bragging about my awesome eye and burgeoning art collection.  Now back to bragging about the crap I got for $16 which also includes a brand new Suess and a Mercer Mayer and a frame and a clock.

Other improvements include cleaning out the car and retouching the worst of the living room- photos to come after more progress is made.  Retouching over the fireplace made me realize that wall was pretty discolored with smoke so the retouching is more extensive that I anticipated and also more gratifying.

Oh, and I also bought myself a new lipstick (for the first time since before our wedding!) in anticipation of DC.  I’m a la di da fancy lady now.


2 Comments on “Aquisitions”

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  2. […] Here’s my view from the dining room to the living room.  I’m loving the thrifted throw. […]

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