My favorite gown.  Heavy and regal but loose.  Looks fun to wear.

The Whiz and I don’t watch too much TV.  Occasionally we watch something short and funny in bed on the laptop- The Office, Flight of the Concords, The Daily Show, etc.  But I loooooove the Oscars.  My friend Shallin was going to come over yesterday to watch and make fresh rolls, but then our family went down with the stomach bug, and it ended up being a disaster day (except the very end which I spent reading in bed).  Today I had to catch up by looking at project rungay.  Their commentary on Mick Jagger made me giggle.

I gave my last lecture today and reminded myself more than anything of Chris Farley.  And that’s even after beta blockers.  So lecturing is not my strong suit.  On to other things.  I’m glad to have the day at home with Goobie tomorrow and for the rest of the week.  He’s still a little sick and way too skinny.  It breaks my mama heart.


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