Blood Draw


I’ve been resolved to edit down our belongings, but this apartment really appeals to me.  It would be a perfect movie set.

Oh, dear readers, I feel like I’m failing badly at my improvement a day resolve.  But I want to go a little easy on myself  so I’m going to count having a fasted blood draw this morning as something that I will still be glad of in a month.

Despite my limited accomplishments, today was a good day.  After the blood draw I treated myself to a cherry cheese danish at Whole Foods AND a dark chocolate yogurt.  What?  I was hungry.  Afterwards Goobs and I took a long walk, smelling all the flowers we could find.  Goobie’s nose and lips turned bright yellow from the pollen.  I filled the house with vases of daffodils, grape hyacinths and camilias.

Goobs didn’t want to take his nap and fell asleep around three on my lap bouncing on the yoga ball.  When I moved him upstairs to his bed he woke up cranky after only 30 min and fell asleep on me again when I brought him downstairs.  I listened to This American Life and dozed a little and let myself savor the moment.  The house is clean now and smells good.  I have a pile of receipts sitting next to me that I plan to enter into Quicken.  Then pilates, a shower and to bed.  I hope you are also feeling comfortable and satisfied.  Thanks for checking in and Goodnight.


The scene right now.

The Wiz worked all afternoon building a wall in the basement.  When he was finished he made a fire with some of the wood from the old closet.  We ate dinner in the living room to enjoy it.  After dinner Wiz and Goobie played guitar while I knit.

Now Wiz is upstairs reading Suess to the boy and I’m knitting and enjoying the fire with some chocolate milk and trail mix.

The back of the sweater is almost done.  I had some time to work on it yesterday while we drove to Tacoma to check out a Westfalia.  It wasn’t the one, but we had a great day anyway: eating out, seeing the Norman Rockwell exhibit, checking out a hobby store.  It rained almost all day but that just made it all the better to be in the car, knitting.

Pre DC list

Yesterday morning Goobiedoozer and I took a bus downtown to meet a friend at the aquarium.  It was packed and Goobs was all over the place.  Afterwards we got drinks at Local Color and savory pastries at Le Panier.  Goobie fell asleep in the Ergo on the bus ride home.  He was so exhausted he slept for two solid hours- very rare for him.  I let myself sit on the couch in the living room with a glass of water and read a novel.  It was heavenly.  In the evening I went over to a friend’s to knit and to chat which was also heaven.  Today a morning playdate here with two of Henry’s buddies, then a doctor’s appointment for me and a reunion with our nanny for Henry.  Then a trip south to look at a Westfalia and a homemade pizza for dinner.  The Whiz is exhausted after a hard week and fell asleep while putting H to bed.  It’s only 9:40, but I think I will go to bed too.  I’m beat.

Before I do.  My accomplishement: a pre DC to do list- the start of one anyway.  I’m going to add to it as I go.

Paint exterior trim

evict mouse

carpet den

fix sink

trim laurel and rosemary

paint bedroom

finish retouching living room

overhaul kitchen entryway

make felt bags to sell for charity

Put landscape cloth on the weedy parts

A budget

I’m fantasizing about repainting the house in earthy neutrals and replacing the dishes with heath ceramics.

Anyway.  Improvement of the day?:  I did it!  I drafted a budget.  Overcoming a massive and inexplicable lifetime mental block.  It’s been FOREVER that I’ve been wistful thinking how nice it would be to know we were on track with our financial goals, occasionally becoming resentful and thinking fiercely things like “of course I deserve to buy my son some $15 organic pajamas on sale at the outlet (plus some for friends with new babies)- who are you to tell me otherwise”.  This in response to the guilty voice always telling me to be careful*.  Well, no longer, friends!  Now I can relax about long term planning and scheme happily how best to spend the household allowance every month.  The new budget even includes $300 a month for travel (for weekend trips plus to save up for larger trips!).  The challenge now will be tracking our progress in relation to our goals.

We need to make a few home improvements before we’re off to DC: repainting the exterior trim and proofing against rodents, pruning the laurel and finding a yard care professional to keep up with it all while we’re gone.  Tomorrow I will draft my official BDC list (before DC).  Oh, and this should lay to rest the uncertainty that was no doubt keeping you up: I am still headed to DC for placement week!  The officers were super nice and helpful.  They even offered to show me some owls in the park out there.  Now I just need a haircut and two new white shirts.

Friends, would you believe it’s 3:42 AM?  Goobs and I have a date at the aquarium set for 9:30 AM, so I best be off to bed.

* Funny how that voice never ever speaks up at the grocery store.  Also funny how much time I spend there, feeling like royalty with my exotic produce, organic cheeses, and natural cleansers.


I just tried to book my travel for my placement interview trip and couldn’t log in.  Now I am irrationally terrified that I waited too long and will not be granted a spot for next year.  They DID say to book immediately.  And it HAS been almost two weeks.  Eeek!  If I do still get to go I will definitely need a haircut prior.

Radio Interview

Goobie and I went over to a friend’s house today so she could watch him while Sam and I did a phone interview with an NPR reporter from Arcata.  Luckily Sam did most of the talking.  The focus of the interview was the conservation canine project.  We (and I use “we” loosely because my role was minimal) developed a new survey protocol that relies on dogs rather than simulated owl calls to find spotted owls.  It’s way better than the old status quo for several critical reasons.  There is, however, an entrenched ass impeding publication of our results.

When the interview was over I found Goobs in the front yard with Tina and Mia and Carlos, excited about a remote control car.  The whole way home he told me all about it using the following five words: “loud”, “fast”, “car”, “cool” and “amazing”.  Later we had chili for dinner and wheat free cornbread.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today was the first day of spring and my first day of full-time motherhood.  It was delicious.  Goobiedoo and I went to Woodinville to look at baby chickens at DeYoung’s and smell the flowers at Molbak’s.  We also bought sugar snap pea seeds and walla walla onion starts.  I returned the Christmas PJs for some more practical everyday PJs and made copies of our official documents at Kinkos (improvement of the day).  In the afternoon we stomped around in the front yard dirt patch.  Goobie threw rocks into a birdbath.  It was nice to be outside.