Snow day

I paid $1.99 for this bird at Value Village.  Whiz hates it when I come home with crap like this.  Sadly, I just can’t help myself. My separated-at-birth identical twin and I will no doubt reunite in the ceramic shit isle of some thrift store in the heartland.  Seriously, the ceramic shit gene does not go latent.  You should see the ceramic animal collection of my youth.  It spanned three big wall-mounted wooden drawers that used to hold type set for printers.

Anyway, I took off the basket and this sucker is on display in the hall alcove.  That’s right, I put a bird on it.

And because I’m pretty sure I can’t count that as an improvement I also labeled my salt.

I got the white pen at Michael’s today.  Goobernachi and I ended up there when Gymboree was closed due to snow.

Thank God they did the sensible thing.  Those bushes could totally have collapsed and killed a toddler.


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