Hutch overhaul

More haphazard decorating in the dining room.  This is how things have been in the hutch for a while now.  Last night while I was redoing the art I made a mental note to “curate” and add more light color things.  They show up better against the dark wood.  So miracle of miracles, you are not going to believe what I found at Value Village today:  more light color stuff.  I know.  I’m a genius.  Here it is:

I put that top one down about three times.  Truthfully I don’t love it.  But the image of it as a watering can in some cheerful little sunroom (or maybe the upstairs bathroom) convinced me not to leave the store without it.  I could still return it. . . but it is the perfect height for that shelf.  I’m feeling indecisive.  Not about the pitcher though.  The pitcher I absolutely love and hope to have forever.  It’s heavy and old and well-made.  The bottom says “Arabia Made in England”.

I also got a small ceramic canister with a lid that I used to replace the pottery jar that’s been holding charging cords in the kitchen.  Plus a wool throw.

Here’s the after.  I might have to redo this photo tomorrow when there’s daylight again.

I don’t know.  It looks about as haphazard as it dd before doesn’t it?  Not exactly “curated”.  Wouldn’t it be cool to put a light in there and glass shelves and have only a few really beautiful items on display with lots of space around them?



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