Dining room art

Until fairly recently this is what the southwest corner of our dining room looked like.  I never loved it.  The prints just sort of ended up there.  Someday I’ll buy or make a real painting that’s perfect.  Until then this in an improvement:

The Whiz and I bought this in B.C. years and years and years ago.  I still love the colors and the simple composition.  It’s just a print that’s been brushed with clear gesso to look like a painting.  I painted the frame last night.  It was stained and nasty.

So there we go: an improvement.  I’m sorry I keep taking photos in the dining room at night.  I know they suck.

In other news: I made a sweet potato ginger peanut soup for dinner tonight and quinoa oat whole wheat bread (ala bread machine).  I thought both were good but Whiz is getting sick and didn’t eat much.  Neither did the Goobernator.  Sigh.  I also planned out dinners for the week and bought groceries today.  AND I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Target for $5 on clearance.  Mostly as a motivator to stay away from sugar and on top of the pilates.  Also purchased: 10 gallons of water.  I’m on the home stretch of disaster preparedness.


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