Happy President’s Day

I turned in the memorandum late last night.  It was really helpful to see Elizabeth’s version.  But it made me want to totally redo mine.  On some level I probably just felt the need to spend more time on it than I had.  So I did.

Today?  Today went fast.  Goobs helped me clean up since I never got to it last night.  We did some mellow errands- mailed the package to Whiz’s folks, dropped off a trunk full of crap to Goodwill.  They were having a president’s day sale.  I got a ceramic dog for 99 cents.  Also some pale pink cut glass beads.  We came home, had lunch, went for a run, picked camelias for the kitchen.  I cleaned the fridge while Goobie napped.  Then we had a second lunch and read stories.  Made gluten free pizza dough with the bread machine.  Called it a day.

Now that the memorandum is in I want to start focusing on getting sharp for the interview.  I hearby vow to cut out sugar until after the 10th.  I will also have at least 64 oz water and one green vegetable daily.  Runs and pilates at least 3 x a week each.  I also want to make weekly menu plans again and night before to do lists.  Just to feel like I am on top of my game again in a general kind of way.  So having said that- I’ll sign off.  I want to do pilates and take a shower before bed and also finish a small improvement that I have planned.

Incidentally, a black cat crossed my path today on our run.  I’m a little weird about that.  Sometimes I change course so they aren’t really crossing my path. But today the cat was so fast and decisive I just let it happen.  Just put myself in the hands of the higher power.


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