Oh Jane.  I wonder how many of us are biologists because of you.

My memorandum is due tomorrow.  I had Lyle look over a draft and also a friend who is also interviewing.  I’ll need to keep this short so I can read her comments and make my own on hers and still have time to clean up before bed.  It would be great if we ended up fellows together.

Today was a better day.  Just mellow: folding laundry, buying the paint for the living room, cleaning out the car, taking out recycling, filling the yard waste container with blackberry, putting together a package for the inaws, listening to music and playing with trains.  Whiz worked most of the afternoon compiling video clips of Goobs first year.  It was sweet to see them.  I wish we had video clips from the rest of our lives too: our first year in Seattle; our various trips and holidays; us just goofing off together; me pregnant.  Having Whiz do something with the clips is a good motivator to take more.  Some of the clips were taken by accident when I meant to take a still but even those are strangely compelling.

I have been making improvements but they are so minor as to be embarrassing.  Arranging paper squares to plan my gallery wall upstairs, matching the paint so I can touch up the living room, clearing more blackberry.  I’m feeling like the bad week is really and truly behind me now though so no doubt I will have more to show you all soon.


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