Here’s the crazy little puppetmaster of my heart.  Today I was eaten up with stupid maternal anxieties.  It’s unproductive to give them energy.

It wasn’t a good day.  I wanted it to be.  It was pretty out but cold.  We started off to the zoo but aborted because of the wind and headed to the children’s museum instead.  We ended up eating out downtown (and watching a yo-yo tournament!) and letting Goobs fall asleep on the way home in the car.  Unfortunately he woke up when we got home and that was it for the day.

Whiz and I fought some.  Partly over the fellowship- which actually was more of a productive talk than a fight.  The rest was nerves and fatigue.  The last week has been hard.  Not only because of the flu.  Other things happened: my mom broke her leg; the Whiz’s dad started chemo; George went into a diabetic coma while driving and flipped and totaled his car (but was miraculously unharmed!); Sam found out FWS will no longer allow the importation of ivory for research and suffered what he described as a minor stroke- temporarily suffering from a partial loss of cognitive function; Rebecca had to put down her cat of 18 years.  Ouch my heart.  I guess these developments put everything in perspective.  And with the exception of R’s cat nothing has been lost that can’t be recovered.  I’m sending up prayers for everyone I care about.

appendix: the day wasn’t all bad.  I found $20 on the floor in Whole Foods and splurged on some beer and cheese for the Whiz.


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