Living room repaint

I’m trying to match the old Martha Stewart “travertine” that we used over ten years ago in the living room.  165-2 comes closest.  I think Goobs and I will take a walk to home depot to see whether travertine was reincarnated in the new MS line.  If not I may go buy 165-2 and start retouching.  We’re on day 3 of staying home sick.  Luckily I don’t have to lecture.

Update: we walked to Home Depot and matched the paint.  Its called “sisal” now in the Martha Stewart line and is almost identical to “wave of grain” in the VOC free line which is cheaper than mythic.  After the walk we refueled and went for a run and then drove around doing errands.  All in hopes of inducing the nap which came late and was short.  Not good for progress on the memorandum.  But I did get to think about it and I did have an idea that I like.

We made it to preschool late thanks to the late nap and I was in a bad mood when we arrived.  Had sort of a hissy fit actually when Anne asked me how I was.  Sleep deprivation doesn’t become me.

After dinner I went to a SnB at Ursula’s.  It was just the thing.  Shallin and Christina actually got me really excited about the fellowship.  Which is good because it took my mind off of the diagnosis of Whiz’s dad which is bad news however you look at it.  It’s unbearable to think that the last time we saw him he may have been the most vibrant that he will ever be again.  It’s unbearable to think he’ll ever be diminished.  That we all will be.  It’s late and I need sleep.


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