True Grit

We actually hired a baby-sitter today and went out to a movie for the first time since December 2009.  Seriously.  We saw True Grit.  I loved it.  The language!  The bravery!  I felt inspired and sad too.  That bit at the end about time passing. . .

After the movie we went to a romantic restaurant and had happy hour drinks and Thai food by the fire.  It was crazy nice to be out alone together, engaged and relaxed for a change.  I didn’t have time to get done up what with the cleaning and getting Goobie ready and all, but I did throw on a red and white skirt and the heart pendant that my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day when I was 10.  I’ve realized recently that I’m at an age where being happy is the best thing I can do for my looks.  I’ve also vowed to wear more lipstick.  Why not.  I love seeing older woman in lipstick.

The bad news: we left Goobie with a 16 year old daughter of a colleague of the Whiz’s.  She has experience babysitting 2-year old twins but apparently got intimidated by our cloth diapers and didn’t change poor Goobie AT ALL.  AND there was no nap.  He also happens to be coming down with a cold.  I felt so guilty and sad when we came home and found him all snotty in a dirty diaper with a rash developing, way overtired and frantic.  Ouch my mommy heart.


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