Party Planning

Check out the sweet blueberry hat that my sister in law knit for Goobie as a Christmas gifts.  It’s one of her first knitting projects ever and- there’s no way to fully appreciate this from the photo, but take my word for it- every stitch is PERFECT.  I’ll never knit that well.  Goober wore it over to the frisbee golf course this morning and we had a rare sunny morning with an empty course to run around on.

It was a busy day- walk to the park, met Cara and Bodin at Gymboree, nap/ cleaning, had Anne, Jamie, Anna and Lilli over for a playdate, met daddy for dinner and grocery shopping, bedtime.  Not much time for an improvement.  But the day’s not over yet, and that blue and red combo has me thinking about the fourth of July.  I asked my mom about using her house in Gearhart for a party.  Back when I thought we were moving to Portland for a Fish and Wildlife job that I didn’t get I developed this fantasy of spending our forths at the house- decorating bikes for the parade, building bonfires on the beach, eating deviled eggs and hot dogs.  You know.  Some while later I realized we don’t need to move to Portland in order to do that.  Anyway, my mom’s excited about it.  So I am right this minute planning who to invite.  It’s complicated because of the rooms.


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