Owls and Motorcycles

For my postdoc I managed a study of the effects of “off-highway vehicle” (motorcycle) use on the northern spotted owl.  It meant, among other things, many long days sitting in the woods of northern California waiting for owls to poop.  Writing that out I’m overwhelmed all over again by my good fortune.  However, it did seem like for every day in the woods there was at least one day in the lab numbering test tubes plus a day in front of the computer finessing some stupid statistical model.  Not to complain.  I used to secretly love sitting in the lab numbering test tubes and pipetting while listening to NPR or chatting with my labmates.  It was mindless and meditative and a good winter month excuse to be in the city and inside.  The stats I mostly did part time from home while our fabulous Tibetan nanny Nam watched the Goobiedoozer.  Which was of course a much better arrangement than trying to conduct field work with an infant.  Anyhoo, all that is over and done with except that the publication of the final report has dragged on in the most anti-climatic way possible.  I’ll spare you the details and just report that today’s improvement was to resubmit my edited manuscript- a ridiculously time consuming process even after edits have been made.  Please cross your fingers for me.


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