Earthquake kit

EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS!  This one’s been on my list for a while.  Today I found a little impetus at Grocery Outlet: packs of four mini cartons of irradiated organic milk 99 cents each and perfect for a scenario in which power is out.  I bought three packs and then moved things around in our top shelves to make room for my brand new emergency stash which also includes a box of organic raisins, three boxes of mac and cheese, some chocolate soy milk and a brick of tofu.  Ultimately the soy and wheat need to go in order to make our stockpile Goobie friendly.  But at least it feels good to make a start.  Also to clear out some junk from those top shelves that definitely does not deserve a place in our home.

Then I found these sweet retro red cross first aid kits.  I went a little nuts and bought two and also bought 2 solar/ hand-crank radios while I was at it (getting a third one free!).  Ahhh. . .  preparedness. .  .  sweet sweet preparedness. . .


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