Martial arts

Today was a busy productive day.  Goobs and I toured the pre-3 co-op preschool facility this morning with Anne and Jamie before submitting our application.  Then we had a toddler martial arts class lead by friends.  After that we got a new pair of PJs at the Hanna Anderson Outlet in Woodinville and wandered around at Molbaks smelling primroses.  They smell amazing, which I don’t remember from childhood.  Did they always smell so good?  I love how intent and delighted Goobster is when I offer him things to smell.  Then we got groceries and headed home.  During nap I paid a bunch of bills, e-mailed test questions to Sam and sold the old double stroller, actually making $15 while clearing out the basement a little.  Then we were off to check out a new daycare.  It’s much closer and seems to be a better environment.  I have a good feeling about it.  In the evening I attended the pre-school parents meeting.  Just now while cleaning up the dinner mess I also took it upon myself to clean and organize a cabinet shelf and clean the microwave.

Improvement: I deposited $350 in the college savings account above and beyond our monthly automatic contribution.  And, speaking of improvements, I have to say that newly functional printer has been mighty nice to have.


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