Goober came home with a stomach bug from daycare Friday.  Very bad diarrhea and vomiting.  I tended the poor guy all afternoon and night and yesterday he seemed fine.  Then I came down with it.  Then the Whiz got it.  Today has been a dizzy, achy, stinky, messy nightmare blur.  With LOTS of crying.  And major nap resistance.  Goobs only just went down now and is making sad sobbing noises in his sleep.  Days like this make you realize that you really are supposed to procreate only in proximity to several close adult relatives of R = 0.5 or higher.  Daycare is making me miserable.

So, because we all need a laugh here you go.  Via here.  Read about the creative genius behind it here.  She’s having her 10 year blogging anniversary today.

Now, if you will excuse me I have to go clean up the vomit on the floor by the side of my bed.



I got these rad earrings at Value Village for $3.99 yesterday.  They complement a necklace my mom gave me several years ago.

I put them on together and now need someplace to go.

Penultimate lecture

I dread dropping Goobster off at daycare.  He cries when I leave.  He also stops crying quickly (I’ve seen).  And he’s playing happily when I return.  But I don’t love the woman running it.  So I’m happy to have only one more lecture.  After that there’s one office hour and the final and then I’m done teaching.

Not done forever I don’t think, but when I come back to it I want to be older and accomplished.  I want to make the students laugh and have startling insights, and I want them to adore me.  I did make them laugh today which felt great, and I also had them engaged, but that’s because I was talking about female orgasms.  As I drove away I imagined what a rush it would be to be a really phenomenal lecturer.  Like Richard Alexander.  Or like Robin’s mom who (according to Robin) got a round of applause after every class.

On my way to the daycare I stopped for a piece of pizza since I knew Goobs would be napping.  These days it’s quite a luxury to eat a piece of pizza and peruse the paper by myself.  This was my horoscope for the day:

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): Today is an 8 — Share love, and invent happiness. Don’t be afraid to speak in public. They want to hear what you have to say. Say it from the heart. Don’t forget to listen, too.

I do need to invent some happiness.  Things are very sad right now because we hurt for the Whiz’s dad and feel powerless to help.  We got a thoughtful, optimistic, moving letter from him today- the first since his diagnosis.  It’s hard to process.  At dinner we watched the video that Whiz edited together for them from the clips of Henry’s first year.

I did make an improvement today but am in no mood to record it.  My ambition to banish the shabby and gross feels petty but also pressing because. . . this is our life.  So many moments play out all the time and each one is an opportunity for beauty and meaning.  It’s overwhelming.  I’m overwhelmed.

photo booth

I never used to take photos of myself.  But guess what?  Now I do.  If only because Henry won’t remember me this young.  And P.S. I’m not that young.

Snow day

I paid $1.99 for this bird at Value Village.  Whiz hates it when I come home with crap like this.  Sadly, I just can’t help myself. My separated-at-birth identical twin and I will no doubt reunite in the ceramic shit isle of some thrift store in the heartland.  Seriously, the ceramic shit gene does not go latent.  You should see the ceramic animal collection of my youth.  It spanned three big wall-mounted wooden drawers that used to hold type set for printers.

Anyway, I took off the basket and this sucker is on display in the hall alcove.  That’s right, I put a bird on it.

And because I’m pretty sure I can’t count that as an improvement I also labeled my salt.

I got the white pen at Michael’s today.  Goobernachi and I ended up there when Gymboree was closed due to snow.

Thank God they did the sensible thing.  Those bushes could totally have collapsed and killed a toddler.


So lately I’ve been obsessed with Nienie.  Which frankly is a little weird.  Two years ago you never could have convinced me that content generated by a 29 yr old, conservative, Mormon, former cheerleader, stay-at-home mom in Utah would be something I’d follow avidly.  But she’s my favorite thing on the internet these days.  I’m not going to over- analyze it.

Lately I’ve been pondering the mystery of her mother in law.  Seen here.  I gather this woman had 12 kids.  12 kids!  And look at her.  That hair.  That house.  Not my taste but I admit I’m impressed.

OK, honestly, I’m jealous.  It would be nice to be raised with family as the number one priority.  It would also be nice to have some hair skills.

Hutch overhaul

More haphazard decorating in the dining room.  This is how things have been in the hutch for a while now.  Last night while I was redoing the art I made a mental note to “curate” and add more light color things.  They show up better against the dark wood.  So miracle of miracles, you are not going to believe what I found at Value Village today:  more light color stuff.  I know.  I’m a genius.  Here it is:

I put that top one down about three times.  Truthfully I don’t love it.  But the image of it as a watering can in some cheerful little sunroom (or maybe the upstairs bathroom) convinced me not to leave the store without it.  I could still return it. . . but it is the perfect height for that shelf.  I’m feeling indecisive.  Not about the pitcher though.  The pitcher I absolutely love and hope to have forever.  It’s heavy and old and well-made.  The bottom says “Arabia Made in England”.

I also got a small ceramic canister with a lid that I used to replace the pottery jar that’s been holding charging cords in the kitchen.  Plus a wool throw.

Here’s the after.  I might have to redo this photo tomorrow when there’s daylight again.

I don’t know.  It looks about as haphazard as it dd before doesn’t it?  Not exactly “curated”.  Wouldn’t it be cool to put a light in there and glass shelves and have only a few really beautiful items on display with lots of space around them?