I’m in a good mood after coming home from a dinner with friends.  Red quinoa, red wine, red pepper pecan garlic puree on rice crackers, yes, arugula (sorry to get political), smoky, spicy squash soup, multigrain bread with butter, almond fudge coconut ice cream.  Three biologists and a meteorologist mostly talking about rats and roaches and spiders and scorpions and birds.  Swapping stories about our field work.  The poor meteorologist.  I was happy to have stories- a lifetime of stories I once thought.  But I also felt sad that I don’t have any new ones.  My scorpion story is wearing thin.  I made a silent vow to do more field work somehow somewhere sometime before I die.

Accomplishment: I cleaned the upstairs today while the Whiz took Goobie for a photo shoot and romp in the grass.  I love climbing the vacuumed stairs and smelling Murphy’s oil soap.  I also like wearing myself out in a full boar cleaning frenzy and then collapsing on the Whiz on the couch while Goobs climbs my back.  None of that counts as improvement though.  The improvement was that I had the Whiz buy a new cover and light bulb for our upstairs bathroom fish tank.  Water was evaporating out the old broken top and condensing on all the surfaces in a slimy mess.  Problem now fixed.  Plus the newly functional light gives it back a little magic.  The whole tank’s been neglected for months.  Improvements feel good.

I brought my camera to dinner planning to get an artsy photo of our wine glasses or something, but was too self-conscious to try.  I did get it out and fiddle with it a little at one point though and took the above photo by accident.  The contrast between concept and execution makes me laugh.  I hope you all had a nice weekend too.


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