Estate Sale!

For the first few years after Whiz and I moved to Seattle we’d start most Saturday mornings in the winter at Larry’s, buying hot drinks and the paper- plus sometimes a pastry or two.  Then we’d stand in line in the drizzle outside an estate sale somewhere.  When I look back on our “early years” those mornings disproportionately define the era.  We’d eavesdrop and whisper to each other and make jokes in line.  Then go paw through crazy piles of random stuff.  Never any strategy.  We’d leave with whatever struck our fancy.  I developed a modest clock collection.  But neither of us are true collectors.  More like anthropologists.  Anyway.  I saw an ad for an estate sale last night that looked fun, so this morning we went to an early breakfast at Cyndy’s and then got in line.  This will come as no surprise, but it’s really not the same when you have a toddler.  I had fun, but I also felt guilty to as I stood in line and Whiz circled the vicinity trying to entertain the Goobs.

Although I’m not as in to Stuff as I used to be, I’m still no minimalist.  I actually paid $8 for the wacky set of owl ashtrays pictured above.  Weirdly enough though I do have a plan for them which I devised before seeing them and for which they are perfect.  Whiz thought I was crazy.  $8?!?  Please, we spend more than that on a six pack of beer, I told him.  Meanwhile his selection was much more tasteful and understated: this awesome little set of black and white photos from Banff, for which he paid exactly nothing.  They’re nice quality and look like they may have been printed straight from a negative without enlargement.  One of these days I definitely need to get out the mat cutter.

Oh and I couldn’t help but adopt this cut glass beauty from the free pile even though the seasoned veterans in line were scornful.  “Oh it’s ‘free’ said the guy in front of me- but nothing’s ever really free because you have to take it home and find a place for it and give it some of your energy.”  Done, done and done.


One Comment on “Estate Sale!”

  1. […] for new shoes and new books.  I used my alone time to affix a wire hanger to the back of an owl ashtray which is now hanging in the hall under my owl soap dish.  Ah the hazards of estate sale-ing.  I […]

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