Kitten cardage

Inspired by the wild success of the birthday card that my brother and I made for my mom, I made some more.  These ones are more minimalist.  If you ever feel like making your own cards I recommend the kids book section at Goodwill.  All kids books are 79 cents and most of them are trashed enough that you won’t feel guilty about cutting them up.  Plus, I’m telling you, there are TREASURES in there.  I’m quite partial to the vintage Golden Books. 

BTW, I’ve been refining my thinking on the improvements as I go.  I’ve decided the projects have to still make me happy a month out in order to count.  Obvious categories are home improvements, crafts and “adult responsibilities” (getting a will!)  But I decided there should also be a “relationship” category which can include time spent with or things made/ obtained for people that I care about.  Handmade cards for example.  How convenient.


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