oven cleaning

I’m curious: how often do you clean your oven?  For me it’s kind of a once in a lifetime event.  Seriously.  Up until today I’d never cleaned one.  It just never occurred to me that it was something that needed doing.  When I baked an apple crisp recently though the smell really bothered me.  Then I read about an overnight oven cleaner in my little eco cleaner book and got inspired.  Sadly, I never tried the recipe.  My “pre-cleaning” escalated from sponge and rags to razor blade and steel wool.  Soon Whiz was removing the heating element so I could clean underneath.  After that he pulled the whole oven out from the wall to change (and actually rewire) the bulb.  Meanwhile, I got to clean a horrifying amount of filth out from under and behind it.  Pretty soon Whiz had the door taken apart to clean some brown sludge that had dried in a wide drip down the inside of the window.  This particular revolting drip had actually been there since we bought the oven refurbished over 12 years ago.  It just never occurred to me that the door could be taken apart to clean between the panes of glass.  But Whiz is good like that.  Once we had a clean window and a functional bulb in our clean oven for the first time ever we couldn’t stop admiring it.  Deeply, profoundly satisfying I tell you.  I wish I could accomplish a project like this every day.

Check out that little window.  Now we can watch our cookies bake!  And I don’t have to hide the dried brown sludge behind a kitchen towel.  Which I’ve done for so long that I stopped realizing I did it.


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