Edna Blair

Satisfied dusting of hands.  There is now an original Edna Blair oil painting hanging over our washer and dryer.  Not an art history buff?  I’ll enlighten you: Edna Blair was the friend of the mom of the woman who was trying to sell this beauty all day from her front yard in Puyallup during the Puyallup Fair back in September.  We drove by looking for parking and I made Whiz stop.  A dollar bill passed hands.  And almost passed back except that an exasperated Whiz took pity on me and got out to help fit my acquisition into the trunk along with the Bob (also pictured).  Spatial skills. . .

And, yes, that’s the basement.  Don’t look closely.  It’s still a disaster.  But the painting makes me happy.

That’s it for tonight folks.  Why?  Because this is what I woke up to this morning:

I need to finished cleaning up before Whiz gets Goobie to sleep.


One Comment on “Edna Blair”

  1. […] how to clean paintings because I e-mailed her a question about it.  I was trying to clean up my Edna Blair.  How awesome is that?  Anyhoo, where was I?  Oh yeah, name dropping and bragging about my […]

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