Martin Luther King Day

From now on I’m determined that our family devote this holiday at least in part to community service.  Today, however, there was no such thing.  I had to go to campus for a T.A. meeting.  Daycare was closed so I toted along Goobster.  He fell asleep on the way though and I couldn’t bring myself to wake him and bring him to the meeting mad, so I sat in the car with him and talked on speaker phone with Sam and the T.A.s.  Ridiculous, right?  On the upside it was a motivator to dress up a little- much more comfortably than I do for lecture but still more than I do for trips to the grocery store. And it’s way more fun to be out when feeling presentable.

Goobs woke up after an hour or so while I was still on the phone and was amazingly quiet and good watching construction machinery and eating a muffin (a bean and rice flour, fruit-juice sweetened, flax, blueberry muffin), some string cheese and a banana.  When I was finished I took him out of his seat with no real plan and let him walk a little until we were on our way to the Henry which was closed and then up to red square where there were signs for the Burke which inspired me to head that way.  It was really nice.  The walk and the museum.  Later we had hamburger at home and then made a trip to Goodwill.  I got a red enamel pot and two jackets for Goobie.  Also a butter dish and ice cream scoop.  It struck me that my life in this moment is better than any other version I ever could have dreamed.  Really.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.

Improvement: I cleaned out the lower shelf of the cabinet.  Just one shelf but it made a huge improvement.  I don’t have any photos.  Even if I did I would never post them.  Way too humiliating.  It’s actually confusing to me that I let it stay as bad as it was for as long as I did.  It was basically one huge pile of little bags of beans and dried fruits and nuts and pasta and stuff.  Total hippy nightmare scene.  Some of the dried fruit was shriveled beyond all recognition.  And I found a larvae in one of the bags of pasta.  Most stuff got thrown out and the rest organized in glass jars.  I can’t believe I let my brother see that mess.  Plus many of our friends over the last year at least.  Sometimes I just stop noticing stuff.  It’s inexplicable.

The unfortunately hued bean and rice flour, fruit juice sweetened, blueberry, flax muffin.


A very beautiful alphabet book I bought at the Burke

I'm worried this is the kind of thing parents feel totally smug about buying and children consider super lame.


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