Birthday Card

My bro, the Goobs and I spent the morning downtown poking around in the Spice Store and sampling gourmet food items in the market.  There was a rummage sale going on and I had to borrow $5 so I could buy a crazy flower oil painting.  I’ll post a photo if it ever earns a spot on display.  Then we came home, ate chili and grapefruit and Goobs went down for his nap.  Meanwhile my brother and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to collaborate on a birthday card for my mom.  He did the lettering.  I provided the kitten photo from a crazy vintage golden book that I got at Goodwill.  Later we went to Whole Foods and got ingredients for a wheat free mushroom spinach lasagna.  Then to the library and to the park.  After dinner I asked my brother if he and his wife would take Goobs should anything happen to the Whiz and me.  He agreed.  Sweet!  That, folks, is the improvement of the day.  We have made arrangements.  I know I know.  More work to be done on that front.  Baby steps, people.  That’s why we stay at this EVERY single day.  I’m tired.  Goodnight.


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