Little Bro

My brother arrived today for an interview at UW.  I spent most of the day getting the house cleaned and spruced up.  Most excitingly I hung some art in the living room and rearranged the prints that were already in there.  Other highlights: I bought an orchid for the mantle at Trader Joes; put away a bunch more X-mas stuff (although the tree is still up) swept the path around the house; cleaned up all the rosemary trimmings and put away the ladder; washed the woods floors; cleaned the awkward space next to the stove that’s impossible to reach; refreshed the arrangement of evergreen sprigs in the dining room.  Plus of course all the routine stuff.

Right before his arrival snow started falling heavily.  The drive to get him was long, slow and a little scary.  But it was nice to come home to our sweet house lit up and covered in snow and clean and warm and smelling nice.

P.S. I also cleaned and reorganized the shelves above the stove.  I know they’re crazy.  It’s on my list to have them removed and a proper vent installed, but I’m still mulling over what exactly I want.  In the meantime at least the shelves are a little cleaner and better organized.


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