Bird Plates

Whiz was eating a cinnamon roll when I got up this morning.  It was COLD.  He left for work.  I made oatmeal for Goobs.  Next thing I knew snow was covering everything and coming down heavily.  I was supposed to be leaving to get Goobie to the daycare and myself to campus for office hours.  But my feet almost flew out from under me on my way out to warm the car.  Wet pavement, frozen and dusted with snow- no way was I going to get the car down our steep drive to the street.  Panic, expletives, calls to the boss, to Whiz, to our nanny, e-mails.  Many many many regrets relating to my decision to teach.  Do you know what one makes as a quarter time lecturer at UW?  About $800 a month.  Subtract $400 for daycare, $100 for parking (not counting tickets), $x for cardigans etc and what’s left?  Maybe enough for those essential sandwiches that one keeps buying on campus because one forgets to feed oneself at home.  Certainly not enough compensation for staying up until one AM the night before to finish a new lecture.  Nor for the stress of navigating snow in Seattle.  I was very much wishing I could just put on some music and enjoy watching the flakes fall with my goobie at home.

But things resolved themselves.  It warmed up.  The driveway thawed.  We made it to the daycare in Ballard.  I arrived on campus.  Delivered my lecture.  And much to my surprise it was fun!  Seriously.  The students were interested.  Engaged.  I was flooded with questions that proved them to be really giving the material some thought.  And you know, it is really cool stuff.  That’s why I agreed to teach it in the first place.

When I got home I was in a good mood.  I danced with Goobie to music.  I made chili.  I played a prank on The Whiz.  It started out as sincere confusion about the heat which I didn’t think was working.  Then I sent him the following e-mail with “heat” in the subject line:

is on.  I had to go down there and pull a dead mouse out from the furnace and then rig a short term fix out of duct tape and chicken wire to partially replace a section that looks like it was blasted apart in a small explosion of some kind.  There’s oil all over the floor and a bad smell.  Also a broken window pane in your office which maybe explains how the mouse got in.  Anyway, I’ll help you clean up down there when you get home later.  ; )


Amazingly he fell for it.  I got a worried call.  He wanted to know if he should come home early.  Very amusing!  At least for those amused by our own jokes.

As for improvements/ accomplishments:  I finally hung the three Anthropologie bird plates that my mom gave me for X-mas two years ago.  They’re charming and remind me of spring, which I just tasted for the first time on Saturday.  Daffodils are pushing up in our yard.  On campus they’re actually starting to bloom!  It’s a little intoxicating.


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