Lazy Sunday

The Whiz was up at 7:30 when I stumbled downstairs with a recently conscious, and very disgruntled Goober.  “I’ve got him.  Why don’t you go back to bed.”, he said to me sweetly.   So I did.  And slept for 2 more hours!  Bliss.  Then, to my amazement, Whiz was just setting out a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and sourdough toast when I re-emerged refreshed from the additional shut eye.  After breakfast we went on a family field trip to Grocery Outlet.  Later, homemade cookies and milk by the fire, a little guitar, some reading.  Nothing special, but, nonetheless, a perfect day.  What did I accomplish?  I wrote three thank you notes.  I baked cookies.  I finished a new lecture.  I made Goobie laugh hysterically (NEVER hard).  That’s about it.


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